Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Lessons

Sometimes people are mean.
Sometimes standing up for your values makes other forget about their manners.
Sometimes you'll be alone when you're making a right choice.
Sometimes people will mock, taunt, and ridicule you.
Sometimes they can actually talk about you, quite literally, behind your back.
Sometimes friends don't stand up for you.
Sometimes they let you fall they hardest.
Sometimes the people you think are on your team are your biggest opponents.
Sometimes people think the meanest jokes are the funniest.
Sometimes it doesn't matter to others what's right or wrong, only what's popular.

Sometimes. Life. Sucks.

But if you don't show yourself faltering,
if you don't cry before you get home and jump in the shower so no one knows what's happening,
if you believe harder than you've ever had to believe,
if you love harder than you thought you could...

Eventually, you'll remember that life isn't that bad, hard, long or easy. It's just life, like it always is, and it's just one more thing you get to overcome to become the stronger person you were always meant to be.