Friday, June 24, 2011

My brain is itchy. . .

. . . because of some new medicines. It makes my head feel like little buggies are crawling in the space between my skull and the skin on my head. That, and my skin feeling like I got botox along with skull skin lift (similar to a facelift), is making me feel weird. Not sick. Or gross. Just weird. . . like I belong on some weird reality tv show or something.

The end.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have to admit . . .

our door looks awesome.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I love my dad.

I love my dad.
I don't call him daddy.
I think that's weird.

He is the greatest.
He's kind.
He's strong.
He'll do anything for us.
He is proud of my mother.
He doesn't let anyone disrespect any of his girls.
He is a teacher of life skills.
I can weed eat without getting cut (breaking the glass door is another question. . . )
I can mow and not miss a single spot.
I look like him.
He has an opinion but only uses it when needed making moments even sweeter.
He falls asleep when I cut his hair.
He has a secret stash of Necco's or some other treat that I like to steal. . . sorry dad!
I call my dad names like Old Man and he secretly thinks it's awesome.
He is the best grandpa to my nieces and nephews and when he's a grandpa to our kiddos, I can only imagine the magic that he will teach them.

I love my dad. He is a fantastic dancer.
He always smells good.
He mows the lawn and jumps in the pool with his clothes on.
He'd flicker the light when he heard us come home from dates to eliminate the door scene.
He kills bugs but makes us clean them.
He loves sweet treats.
He has a great laugh.
He is a plumber and electrician, but only for kicks.
He can fix anything.
He loves the Shawshank Redemption.
He taught me the smooth jazz beauty of the world.
He drove me to school every morning one year.
When we drove to church the same song would come on every time. It's destiny to have a song.
I'm his favorite youngest daughter he'll ever have.
He wears a great shirt on the Fourth of July.
He lights firecrackers in our backyard.
He hunts for scorpions with the grandbabes and even husbands. The husbands love it more than the babes!

My dad absolutely loves his grands. Just look at that joy!
Happy Old Man's Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011


  • 1 sad attempt at gardening
  • 3 adopted children, Earth, Wind and Fire
  • 15 DVDs
  • 4 seasons of Prison Break to end our honeymoon
  • Chuck and Gossip Girl addictions
  • 5 jobs; Aces, YMCA, Fantastic Sams, Construction
  • 1 externship in Winslow on the reservation for oral surgery and ortho
  • 3 temples, Mesa, Snowflake and San Diego
  • 20+ visits to said temples
  • 1,000,000 trips to the laundromat
  • 1 use of passports
  • 2 schools, Mesa Community College and Northern Arizona University
  • 3 majors, from physics to BioMed for him and dental hygiene for me
  • 0 pounds gained in fat :)
  • 0 babies
  • 90 miles of bike riding in a semester
  • 500,000 trips to Fry's
  • 1. 5 times we read the BOM together
  • 2 apartments, Mesa and Flagstaff
  • 3 cars, Audi to 1988 Chevy to 2009 Toyota
  • 4 bikes
  • 1 new computer
  • 1 gargantuon tv
  • 321 times rearranging furniture
  • 350 days of made up beds
  • 3 series read together while we didn't have huge tv; Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and The Daring Book for Boys
  • 3 phone numbers
  • 365 evening walks
Just a few of the things we've done together since this exact time last year. It really goes by quickly. One year down, eternity to go!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 11 - Speaking in church

Seriously. Worst. Idea. Ever.

I love to talk. I love to talk fast. But in front of people I don't know? Who are all more experienced than me in the Gospel? Psh. No thanks.

I've prepared a 15 minute talk. . . I'll rephrase that. When I practice to Jake, it's 15. However, from previous experience, I happen to know that I will finish it in 5-6 minutes. Great.

Good thing Jake is great at speaking. Another great thing is that on my Harry Potter channel of Pandora, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is playing.

Dear Congregation,
Please please please please set all your children to scream mode when I'm up there. And better yet, don't take them out of the hall. And even better, try to hush the childs in unison with all the other mothers. Thank you.
Speed talker.

PS. I already have my excuse for the shortness ready. Want to hear? Okay! "I had a primary lesson to prepare! Gosh! Give a new primary teacher a break!" :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Once upon a time. . .

I was going to have a birthday. Jacob asked me what I wanted, so I told him.

I want socks and a lava lamp.

I needed more socks because I had to keep stealing my mom's and hers had designs on them so she could tell when I was stealing them.

I wanted a lava lamp because it was my prime example for making fun of Twilight.

He asked me for weeks leading up to that blessed November day and I'd tell him the same thing, to which he'd always respond with, "That's so stupid!"

Finally the day of my 20th anniversary from birth came. It was a Monday night (FHE) and he came over with a bag bigger than necessary for socks.

I opened the present to find a Forum beanie and a rad Volcom jacket for our next snow boarding trip. . . but no socks, and no lava lamp.

I wasn't upset, the hat was awesome and the jacket is the best thing ever, so we headed off to FHE.

When I was getting in the car, Jacob ran from my door because he opened it duhh to my house because he forgot something. When I was situated with my seat belt, he came back out and got on one knee. He couldn't be proposing to my face because I spoiled his secrets all. the. time. I was so confused. . .

And then it happened. He had in his hand. . . a pack. . . of 10 pairs of brand. new. socks. I didn't tear up when we got engaged, but when he handed me those socks, my eyes started watering! It was insanely ridiculous and he let me pretend that I didn't get that overwhelmed by socks.

I was so ecstatic going to family home evening. Nothing special happened there, but I knew I had socks.

We planned to meet up with my friend at a Wal-Mart. Awkward meeting place, yes. Did we care? No. So we meet Megan and she goes to her Jeep to get her bag.

She came back with her purse and a wrapped gift for me. I was completely surprised because we had gone out to eat for celebrationing already! I began to open my gift. . .

And it was my purple lava lamp from Jacob.

I then had another emotional trip because I was the proud owner of a beautiful lava lamp. She is my friend. Her name is Purple. I love her. And Megan. And Jacob the most.

Moral: Men do hear when ladies speak. . . even if they think it's dumb, they listen.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 7 - Jacob, the rockstar

Jacob is a bonified rockstar. I couldn't be happier.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 6 - Jake's rhythym puts me to sleep

I used to have horrible nights. I couldn't ever sleep. I worried about everything and anything. I had to have prescription medicine to put me to sleep for longer than 3 hours.

Then we got married.

My Jacob falls asleep in 30 seconds. He literally counts aloud to as high as he can before he passes out. As soon as this happens and his breathing slows a bit, my awesomely schnozed hubs starts to snore.

It isn't loud. It isn't annoying. It's perfectly timed. It's basically a free sound soother.

The end.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 5 - We're on the radar. How horrible.

We like to not be on the radar, it a 72 hour time period our way of life has changed.

We'll talk about things we shouldn't have done.

First, we shouldn't have agreed to substitute.

Second, Jake shouldn't have picked up his old cell phone.

Third, Jake shouldn't have picked up his old cell phone before 8 a.m.

Fourth, we should have not agreed to substitute for the second week in a row.

We have talks on the 12th. And we're the Valiant 9 teachers. . . all in that 3 day period.

Really though, I'm happy to be the teacher. However, I abhor speaking in church. I talk to fast no matter how prepared I am, I shake the whole time. I make stupid jokes. I stumble over my words. . . it's quite hilarious I imagine.

The only good thing about this is that the "youth" speaker is a leaving missionary, so I am going to call him and tell him to take up as much time as he can. Then I'll just say the short intro about us and tell the listeners that Jake has such a beautiful message and I want him to have as much time as possible, so I'll just bear a simple, short short short testimony.

Hopefully that missionary boy takes me seriously though.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4 - That one time I had no curfew. . .

Background: I always had a curfew. I used to look at it like it was a bad thing, but when we got married I realized what a good thing it actually was!

Every Friday and Saturday night I was to be home at 11:00 p.m. If I was going to be late, I had to call before 10:50. None of that procrastination stuff worked with my parentals. They were generous with giving out extensions, but nothing later than 12:00 was ever acceptable. A common phrase in my house while I was a teenager was "nothing really good happens after 11 o'clock at night." Gotta love President Hinckley!!

When Jake and I started dating, the curfew was the exact same. We were counseled by bishops, leaders, teachers and parents to never, ever be alone. Now, that didn't exclude dates. We got to know each other in safe settings whether at a restaurant with all the diners acting as our chaperones, or to dance parties and social activities.

However, even when we visited his family who lived 3 hours away, we would be accompanied by my sister or friends for the snowboarding trips! We were hardly ever alone once we got serious, which we're both thankful for.

Story: When we got engaged, preparations for our reception were discussed fast. We wanted to have candies. . . LOTS of candies. We opted for hugs and kissed, jelly beans (num num num) and other things. The jelly beans are the important part here.

For Easter my mom had found the most tasty jelly beans! They were delicious and even prettier than they tasted. Gobs of peaches, pinks and random green beans---they were the colors that I wanted!!! So, the Monday after Easter, Mom gave me a mission. Mission:Go to every single WalMart you can think of and get all the jelly beans you can find.

Now, let me mention, I was at my singles ward's family home evening till 9:30 pm ish. So when I get the mission, it's close to 10. When I'm ready to leave, another 15 minutes has passed. I said goodbye to my mom and she asked where Jake was. . . . Whaaaaaaaaa?????

Talk about confusion. First, school night! Second, 10 p.m. Third, Meredith is already ready for bed. Fourth, YOU'RE already set for bed. So as I process my dumbness, my mom asks again, "Where's Jake?" I immediately sparked up and called him! He came over pretty quickly after that, and when we were set to leave, we asked when to be home. . .

And do you know what my mother said? . . .

She said, "When you get all the jelly beans you can."

Both of our jaws dropped! It was a miracle!

I don't know how many hours passed, but I know we had about a billion hextimillion jelly beans in tow. AND we got to talk. About not wedding plans. And we sang out loud to Disney. And Rihanna. And Usher.

It was amazing. And to make it even better, we got to do the same thing weeks later when we had to hit up as many JC Penney's as we could for the right ties. That was more adventurous because it was an all night sale. Driving to the middle of Peoria when you have no clue where you are= awesome!

The moral of the story, I will not spoil my children and they will have 11:00 p.m. curfews because President Hinckley and my mom said so.

We like to matchy match on accident sometimes.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 3 - Ugly Sweater Party 2009

Once upon a January, we had an Ugly Sweater Party to celebrate a certain Carolyn's birth. With heinous sweaters galore and s'mores in the fire pit, we were ready. After the swell commencement of her fiesta, we celebrated at the Waffle House.

The waiters and waitresses at the Waffle House hated us. Maybe it was because I wanted hard boiled eggs that were warm, but when they served them cold, I told them I didn't even want them anymore. It could be because we were jiving to the old jukebox. Either way, the fiesta was better than any Harry Potter Party ever could be.

I was such a fan of Jake. His sweater wasn't even Ugly. It is my favorite thing to. this. day. Amen.

Ugly Sweater Party Womanizers
Oh funny funny!

The money shot.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2 - Supportive Spouseing of Seasons

Jake immediately supported my love for the lesser-loved holidays.

He celebrated Cinco de Mayo conmigo with flan de naranja.

He didn't mind not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day so I could pinch him the entire day long.

April Fool's Day was a sight to be seen. My only fool was hiding any time possible so I could jump out and scare him which is not saved solely for April, but on the first it is more widely acceptable.

May Day and Canada Days were especially fun. Can you do better than homemade poutine sadly without the squeaky cheese. . .? No. You cannot.

But without fail, the best holiday to ever have been in my life--- The Day of Independence. July 4. Nothing is better than Independence Day. Fireworks, barbeque, family, watermelon, swimming, parties. . . no other holiday can have all of those things!

Meeting Jake turned my favorite holiday into something even better than it had ever been before. He took me to his almost hometown (he lived minutes away from this place), Show-Low.
We drove down the Deuce of Clubs, past the Sonic to Show-Low high school. Equipped with blankets we hopped the fence to avoid a longer walk (l.a.z.y.b.u.m.s.)

Firework dust literally fell onto the blanket. The field hosted a humongous fiesta with a band and way more, but to fully understand, you just have to experience it.

Now we have a Denham-Clark family tradition of July 4 in Show-Low, complete with breakfast at Momma Bears. Best. Tradition. Ever.
Laughable picture. Horrible quality. I will be one of those ladies that wears outfits for the month.

Pity smiles from the man, unjust photo of the crowd. It's humongous er. Trust me.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1 = Beginning of love month

365-16 = How long we've been married today.
365-16 = How many days we've laughed for more than 3 hours throughout the day
365-16 = 2 apartments we've lived in
365-16 = 21 temple visits since we smooched across that splendid alter
365-16 = Chuck marathons, The Office marathons, Fantasy Factory marathons, HGTV
365-16 = 3 adopted children: Earth, Wind and Fire(Donna Pinciotti) Denham

We decided to like each other after dropping RC Cola bombs off buildings.