Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My sister is the Mombabe. . .

. . .and she is THE Mombabe. She is cute, classy, sassy and funky. Also, she's one of the best stylists I know. (I'm NOT biased.) She's doing a Q&A type of thing on her blog about hair! You need to pop over there because who DOESN'T have some kind of question! Seriously. So. Ask her anything from products favorites, do's and don'ts, and how to get gum out of your hair to colors, perms, and vegan products! Go now!

PS. Somehow I ruined crock pot chicken tonight. I am thoroughly embarrassed and thought that blogging it would be the best remedy.

PPS!!!! I discovered the right way to link! It only took me writing a hefty explanation of why I super stink at blogging, but then I got it! Woo hoo times thirty!

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