Saturday, October 2, 2010

Memories. . .

. . .are just filling up my mind! I've been addicted to the computer screen and to old pictures! I love stories they capture!!! I love it times infinity because there's t.o.n.s. of crazy pictures of Jake and me. This is one of the times that dating for forever was really beneficial!!

I am proud to admit that he is a rockstar.

This was the night we met! Right after we stuffed our face for Turkey Day, we danced it off at a black out party!

Oh my gosh. First double date with my sister and his best friend: success. We climbed to the top of an unfinished building and threw 2 liter of Doctor Thunder and watched them explode! Tag on scaffolding=marriage.

USP! Ugly Sweater Party. Only his wasn't very ugly. This is what I will look like when I am someday with child! ha!

The USP was the first time I was hungry enough, at my own home, to eat Jake's face. Thankfully he got me some chips instead!

This is right after our first super-smooch. Jake decided to grow his beard out and I liked him times one hundred that day!

First haircut and first baking experience mastered together on the first time!

I matched him on purpose. It was humorous. He's emo and I'm a gangster. Nothing to worry about.

This past Halloween. I wore a tootoo and Jake was a fish. Notice the same striped shirt under his jacket! Laughable!

First time to Mexico. Alone. No supervision. NICEEEEEE.

Seriously. I love that guy so much! He is the best. He cleans up the dishes when I make dinner, he helps me find stray dogs and he even takes a bag full of fire sauce from Taco Bell every time he, I, or we go! I love it. And him. And pictures!

Hooray for overloading!

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