Friday, October 1, 2010

Our lives are being taken over. . .

. . . by cheesecake, Spanish/Korean lessons, college and exercising. Therefore, my lack of blogging has NOTHING to do with no ideas. Brilliant, I think so.

I love cheesecake. And so I made it one Sunday. And now I can't stop. (Hence all the exercising taking over!!!) I love pumpkin, raspberry, chocolate. . . and surprisingly those go perfectly on top! It's really a problem. Instead of buying bread and eggs at the grocery, I tend to buy cream cheese and graham crackers--for the crust of course! Either way, I know now that food storage is important for months like this cheesecake-ish one is turning out to be.

Nextly, nextly is not a word. Good to know spellcheck! Nextly--Korea and Spain . . . or Mexico. I choose Spain. I speak Spanish. Mi esposo hablas Korean. I love the way he sings the hymns at church in his mission tongue and he loves the way I serenade him with "Popcorn Popping" in Spanish, but we decided that if our children are going to be well rounded and able to talk to future Mom and future Dad, they need to know both languages plus sign. . . and Latin. Pfft! So we're trying to learn each language. Something about six years of Spanish and his 2 1/2 months of nothing but Korea in the Missionary Training Center makes trying to learn the other language by just speaking in day to day conversation is NOT working out well. Any hints?? Give up?? Yeah. Thought about it, but we get bored too easy and resort to facebook so this is the best alternative.

School is another pressing issue. We've decided to go to NAU and are leaving around the first week in January. I'm joyful about this because it means a few things. 1. Snuggling and hot chocolate will reign supreme. We love that. It's how we fell into like with each other, how we fell in love with each other and how we decided to spend forever together. Coco is gooood for us. 2. I will most likely see snow fall. This has NEVER happened before. 3. Snow=cold=ear warmers=boots=jackets!! 4. My birthday is in November and with Christmas soon after, a new snowboard and bindings are not out of the question!

Lastly, my otter pop diet is officially over. I don't think I have had as much joy spending my time with Strawberry Shortcook and Louie Lime, but I'm temporarily breaking up with them.

That is all.


Mike and Esther said...

You are the bomb. Also can we come visit you in the NAU??!?!?!?! and snuggle up all together!?

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

My dearest Veritayyy.
I love reading your blog.
Verity's funny words=one happy Sarah.
And I know how you feel with that whole.. {enter math term for the relativity and junky stuff that i can't think of right now} snow=jackets. This is why I want to GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE. I love you. We should have a cheesecake making contest... But it sounds like you'd win.. RASPBERRY?? {and others} MMM..MMM!!

Sarah Blue said...

I'm so glad that you decided to go to NAU. You'll have such a wonderful experience there. :)

The 231 Girls. said...

YESSSS. Mr. & Mrs. Denham are coming to NAU! I am so happy. I like to think I had some influence in this decision, but that is wishful thinking. Well please with a cherry on top will you let me know when you are here so I can bestow welcome gifts upon the happy couple? GREAT! PS - STILL in love with your blog.