Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I turned my hair yellow today.

Like, yellow yellow.

I never thought my hair could or would be that shade, but today was a glorious day. I told my friend at the salon that I wanted my hair to look "white." Our conversation follows.

Christina: "You want it white? Like, bleach blonde?"

V: "No, like. . . like my grandma's hair. Or like that lady you just permed. I want HER white hair."

C: "I don't know if I can. . . "

V: "We're hairstylists. You're supposed to be able to make my hair white. It's okay because I'm saying I understand my hair could catch fire! I'm not worried. Let's do it."

C: "I just don't think we have the same idea of what white is. I think Santa Claus has white hair."

V: "Perfect! I'll take it! Make me look like Mrs. Claus!!"

So we began. And somehow my hair turned yellow. I loved it. I would have kept it, but my mom would have been mad at me for ruining holiday pictures. That, and I don't think the husband is as okay with yellow as I am.

So a half hour later I have white hair. And I'm quite happy. Because I have Santa hair. And I love Santa.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like. . .

Moving day!

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but some people LOVE Christmas and that is just not how we are. I love lights and candy canes and the smell of cinnamon pine cones, carols and stocking goodies and a tree, but that's as far as we go. We like Easter much more than Christmas and Christ wasn't even born in December so we don't feel bad about it.

Back to moving! Our home has been scrunched into one supermassive black hole. Arranging clothes, selling furniture on Craigslist and cleaning has become our new fun date. Our only decoration consists of a sparkly snowflake. It keeps us merry and bright in the daunting task of binging our collected newlywed junk.

Onward to the next random thing... I don't know what happened this past week, but at the grocery store I seriously had the. worst. luck. ever!

The bread had weavels. Gross. I didn't know that could happen.
The Rice Chex taste like someone packed them with the dish soap.
The eggs weren't cracked (duh, I check them first) but they were rotten!
The juice was sour. We just mixed it with ice cream so it would taste better! Stupidity!

It was so fantastic though. Jake and I are writing a nice and lengthy note to Fry's. Since our note is so kind and loving. . . . and that is not sarcasm either. Being nice makes winners. . . . we are totally thinking we'll get a gift card. Or at least a sorry note. We'll take what we can get!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Life

Today is perfection! Jack and I were both able to pick up an extra shift, but he came and visited me at the salon with such great news!

We got an apartment!!!! We have been calling Jim since September! September, people!! He called today and told us that he had an opening! We're so excited because finding a home was turning into a nightmare! We're so thankful and super blessed! That is a LOT of exclamations. We even got to go to lunch together which, let me tell you, never happens! Life is so fun and scary and exciting!

To celebrate the affordability of our new home and it's necessary deposits, after Hubs gets off work and after delicious dinner, we're going to spend money on a dead Christmas tree! This brings my heart happiness and it brings tears to Jake's eyes but he's only crying with allergies. No biggie.

Wednesday, thank you. I love you. Thursday, if you could just try to compete with the fabulousness of Wednesday, that'd be awesome.