Sunday, June 26, 2016

May and June 2016 catch up!

May was a month for creating and getting into new routines.

We have always had the most amazing babysitters, and the ones we have now are no exception! On  Mondays and Tuesdays, Gwendolyn goes to Mary Catherine's house. Gwen loves it there. She always asks to play with "Pepper" and Draco the puppy. Mary has two children and Gwen is right in between the two in age, so I really feel like her communication skills are skyrocketing! On Thursdays(mostly rotating, but until I have this new baby I've taken all the Thursdays!) G goes to Andrea's! She also has two children, and Gwen fits in the middle! We love these women so much and are thankful to have them in our lives! To me, it's a good sign that G sometimes cries when she has to leave her friend's homes! I know she enjoys the toys, but I really know that she can tell she's loved by these women.

Work for me has been great! I love the doctor I'm with, and he does incredible work. In stark contrast to the dentist I worked for when we first got to Mesa, this doctor is QUALITY all the way. The Phoenix commute is normal now, and I have my perfect times to leave, so that's been great.

Jake's business is picking up. He recently went to Indiana to do some training because his company bought out a smaller company. His schedule is so much better than it was in Flagstaff, and him being able to come home for dinner every day is one of my favorite things. In Flagstaff, there were times I wouldn't see him for a few days at a time because early and late surgeries/cases in different cities meant coming home after we'd be in bed, and leaving before we got up. There were sometimes we'd even just opt to have him get a hotel to avoid being in the car so late and early.

Our garden and backyard really came into the picture this month. We finally have full on grass and now realize that weekly mowing is a necessity! We grew corn, zucchini, peas, watermelon, and cantaloupe. The corn was not as successful as we imagined it would be. We've never done it before, and missed a time frame to "fertilize" the stalks, so the actual corn is pretty pathetic. It's yummy, but pathetic. We don't have any melons yet, but the squash are starting to plump out, so we are excited for that! We also have a MILLION weeds out back. . . ugh. Where the garden is has rocks on each side of every planter, and it's impossible to not accidentally water the rocks in attempting to water the garden and grass. Therefore, weeds galore! I was pulling them out really consistently, but my OBGYN told me I had to stop doing weed pulling when I told her that that was the one activity guaranteed to give me contractions! I wasn't upset about the contractions, I just thought it was funny! She didn't! Ha!

At the end of May, all of the public schools let out for summer and Memorial Day meant that summer family swim passes would be 50% off the regular price! We bought one, and it has been a great thing for us! We swim constantly. Shepherd Pool is just a few blocks away, so we go there pretty often. We've also gone to the other public pools. It's so fun to see Gwen learn to swim. The first time we went, she CLUNG to Jake and wouldn't let go. Now that girl won't let us put on her floaties and she just swim swim swims! It's truly terrifying, but we are loving our little fishy!

The other day, a new and great friend of ours invited us to go to a place called Krazy Air. It's an indoor trampoline park with tons of trampolines and a lot of squishy blocks you can jump into! Gwen had so much fun playing there! We now have a place to go every Wednesday morning and it so nice because even at 7:00am it is too hot to go outside!

We had a really normal routine prior to my hygiene job. Mondays:errands. Tuesdays:Park Wednesday:Library. Thursday: Kids Klub at the mall. Friday: Clean and ward park group. Since being on my working schedule, we've made Wednesday the park and appointment day, and it has really been fun. I think we both miss the library, but once the new baby comes, we'll get back in the swing of library days. We both love reading.

In preparation for the baby, Gwen has really been helping me out with some furniture refinishing. She also has packed bags for all of us, including her baby doll. My bag has X-ray holders in it. Gwen has saved some candy for her bag, and Jake gets to bring a bobby pin that is secretly a key. We will be well prepared with those bags!

This happened a while ago, but I don't remember if I've mentioned it.  Gwen is not in a crib anymore. A few months ago she learned how to escape, so we put the crib mattress on the floor and called it good. Well, Grandpa and Grandma Denham found us a twin mattress so Gwen upgraded!!! She loves it and her pink fruity sheets. . . but she doesn't always sleep on it! Our night time routine involves going to her room for prayers and 1,432 kisses before we tuck her in and leave, but minutes later we'll see her little fingers sticking out under the door and she's fallen asleep next to the door! We know it can't be comfortable because sometimes she'll wake up and sound like her arm has fallen asleep! It makes us laugh because we're the best/worst parents ever! When she sleeps IN her bed, she never wakes up!  

Random things about Gwen:
Loves pancakes, strawberries, apples, watermelon, chips and cheese
Says "Sorry" when she gets hurt
Getting really good at saying "Thank you!" at all times!
Loves dogs.
Favorite show: Sofia the First and Frozen
Loves talking on the phone to Jake
Loves whispering
Favorite outfit: "Cute" multicolored dress that is very twirly
Loves wearing pajamas
Loves playing the piano and reading
Favorite past time with J:Watering the garden
Has an excellent pouty lip
Loves the temple(Tempo!!!)
Loves laying on the cold tile after being in the hot car
Loves baths, but hates getting her hair rinsed out
Loves splashing
Favorite joke: saying "Achoo!" with wet hands and spraying people
Loves flowers
Doesn't know colors well. She KNOWS them, but doesn't know which is which. I think she could be   1.color blind or 2.really good at pulling a fast one about those colors!

Loves taking care of anyone sleeping. She'll say "Shhhhh", cover them with a blanket and give a kiss before walking out quietly. . . all to be followed by an immediate scream of "WAKE UP!" It's a fun game!

One morning, I had to wake G up really early. She was so sweet!

We love the park!

We also love treats!


And more corn.

G loves nursery and her leaders are her favorite people ever.

This is Gwen's favorite dress!

Helping with projects!

6 year wedding anniversary dinner! We went to the first place Jake ever took me out for dinner. We died of food joy.

Blurry, but we are happy so whatever!