Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last years Halloween was. . .

. . . quite the event. My sister Merry-Death and I could not figure out what to be. For the past few years I would throw on a pair of clean scrubs and go as a nurse, doctor, hygienist. . . it worked and was comfy and warm enough to cruise through the box maze and that's all I ever needed.

So since I wanted to impress my super awesome boyfriend with something better than my lack-luster scrub costume, Merry and I ventured to the following: D.I., Goodwill, and Wal-Mart. Well, Merry's always been more creative than me. (I got over it a day ago...) She found some heinous skirt and wham! Inspiration. She would turn an outrageous skirt into a pirate-ess. Let me tell you what. We MADE her leather "bustier", pinned her skirt to ruffle and found fabulous accessories. It was ridiculous how hot she looked!

I, on the other hand, wouldn't be able to see a promising idea if it slapped my in the knee cap. "Why is it so hard to be creative so my boyfriend thinks I'm super rad!?" was my constant thought. At our last stop guess what I found? Tulle. It changed my life. Suddenly I knew how easy it would be to make a tutu! AND since I was making it, I wouldn't look like a Halloween Whore! It was the best news to me! So. 2 bolts of tulle and a black shirt later, this is what happened.

Now OBVIOUSLY my idea wasn't as original as I hoped it to be, but I obviously scored a husband so pshaw! By the way, isn't his suit the coolest???? It's silk from Korea! He looks like a fish!

This year I plan on figuring out my costume the same way. October 30-Wake up, make orange pancakes, stress about what to be, D.I. it up, then miraculously think of something! Voila!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random ramblings.

Glee is on tonight. Jake is a closet Glee fan. He will never watch the show with me, but at night he'll start coincidentally singing the songs that were on the latest episode. I love it. And more than that, I love being woken up by him singing at 6:30 a.m. in the shower. There's something about the bathroom that makes everyone a diva!

Today I colored and cut the sister missionaries hair. They asked me why I hadn't decorated the house much, since all the newlyweds they know had everything decorated a week after their honeymoon. I laughed. Then I looked at my walls. They're naked but I figure I get a pass on decorating since we're moving anyway. Hooray!

Netflix is the dumbest. Amen.

We want a dog. We want that dog to be a puppy first so we can potty train it how we like, but then we will still love it as she grows up. (I guess a lot of people hate dogs love puppies. We're not like that.) Mr. likes dogs that shed. That doesn't fly with me. I love animals but if they shed they are on the shun list. Obviously this semi hurts me too, since I love English bulldogs, but if we have a dog for 12-15 years, that dog has to be clean for whatever allergy-ridden childrens we will support in the future, which means no. shedding. fur. Gross. And sad. So there goes our bulldog named Meaty. Either way, our prospective addresses all have yards so this is great news.

Riding a bike with a flat tire is seriously hard work. I thought I could manage, but a mile after realization of the fact, I got a ride home. Don't try that.

Our neighbors tree practically fell on their house and the repercussions we're seeing comes in the form of creepy creatures. At least we aren't getting any roaches. Those things make me have hissy fits!

Two of my sisters are having babies. I love all my families babies. You know how there are some funny looking babies???? If you say no, you're lying. Well, their babies never look weird!!! It's remarkable and it gives me hope for my childrens. Knock on wood. . . Anywho, they're both due next year, but that's so close and fun to say! Hooray again!!!

We found 60 dollars in change in our house.

Jake's mission president and wife are on the cover of the September Ensign.
우리의 한국어 수업은 좋은거야!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We caught a bug.

The only good things about being sick are chicken noodle soup, movies, 7up and keeping our front door wide open (screen shut of course) because of the awesome drop in night temperatures. I guess getting sick at the same time as the hubs is nice too. Then we don't have to worry about getting the other sick. Pro, yes. Con, yes more.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My sister is the Mombabe. . .

. . .and she is THE Mombabe. She is cute, classy, sassy and funky. Also, she's one of the best stylists I know. (I'm NOT biased.) She's doing a Q&A type of thing on her blog about hair! You need to pop over there because who DOESN'T have some kind of question! Seriously. So. Ask her anything from products favorites, do's and don'ts, and how to get gum out of your hair to colors, perms, and vegan products! Go now!

PS. Somehow I ruined crock pot chicken tonight. I am thoroughly embarrassed and thought that blogging it would be the best remedy.

PPS!!!! I discovered the right way to link! It only took me writing a hefty explanation of why I super stink at blogging, but then I got it! Woo hoo times thirty!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Memories. . .

. . .are just filling up my mind! I've been addicted to the computer screen and to old pictures! I love stories they capture!!! I love it times infinity because there's t.o.n.s. of crazy pictures of Jake and me. This is one of the times that dating for forever was really beneficial!!

I am proud to admit that he is a rockstar.

This was the night we met! Right after we stuffed our face for Turkey Day, we danced it off at a black out party!

Oh my gosh. First double date with my sister and his best friend: success. We climbed to the top of an unfinished building and threw 2 liter of Doctor Thunder and watched them explode! Tag on scaffolding=marriage.

USP! Ugly Sweater Party. Only his wasn't very ugly. This is what I will look like when I am someday with child! ha!

The USP was the first time I was hungry enough, at my own home, to eat Jake's face. Thankfully he got me some chips instead!

This is right after our first super-smooch. Jake decided to grow his beard out and I liked him times one hundred that day!

First haircut and first baking experience mastered together on the first time!

I matched him on purpose. It was humorous. He's emo and I'm a gangster. Nothing to worry about.

This past Halloween. I wore a tootoo and Jake was a fish. Notice the same striped shirt under his jacket! Laughable!

First time to Mexico. Alone. No supervision. NICEEEEEE.

Seriously. I love that guy so much! He is the best. He cleans up the dishes when I make dinner, he helps me find stray dogs and he even takes a bag full of fire sauce from Taco Bell every time he, I, or we go! I love it. And him. And pictures!

Hooray for overloading!

I am in like with memories. . .

. . . but in LOVE with the present and future :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Our lives are being taken over. . .

. . . by cheesecake, Spanish/Korean lessons, college and exercising. Therefore, my lack of blogging has NOTHING to do with no ideas. Brilliant, I think so.

I love cheesecake. And so I made it one Sunday. And now I can't stop. (Hence all the exercising taking over!!!) I love pumpkin, raspberry, chocolate. . . and surprisingly those go perfectly on top! It's really a problem. Instead of buying bread and eggs at the grocery, I tend to buy cream cheese and graham crackers--for the crust of course! Either way, I know now that food storage is important for months like this cheesecake-ish one is turning out to be.

Nextly, nextly is not a word. Good to know spellcheck! Nextly--Korea and Spain . . . or Mexico. I choose Spain. I speak Spanish. Mi esposo hablas Korean. I love the way he sings the hymns at church in his mission tongue and he loves the way I serenade him with "Popcorn Popping" in Spanish, but we decided that if our children are going to be well rounded and able to talk to future Mom and future Dad, they need to know both languages plus sign. . . and Latin. Pfft! So we're trying to learn each language. Something about six years of Spanish and his 2 1/2 months of nothing but Korea in the Missionary Training Center makes trying to learn the other language by just speaking in day to day conversation is NOT working out well. Any hints?? Give up?? Yeah. Thought about it, but we get bored too easy and resort to facebook so this is the best alternative.

School is another pressing issue. We've decided to go to NAU and are leaving around the first week in January. I'm joyful about this because it means a few things. 1. Snuggling and hot chocolate will reign supreme. We love that. It's how we fell into like with each other, how we fell in love with each other and how we decided to spend forever together. Coco is gooood for us. 2. I will most likely see snow fall. This has NEVER happened before. 3. Snow=cold=ear warmers=boots=jackets!! 4. My birthday is in November and with Christmas soon after, a new snowboard and bindings are not out of the question!

Lastly, my otter pop diet is officially over. I don't think I have had as much joy spending my time with Strawberry Shortcook and Louie Lime, but I'm temporarily breaking up with them.

That is all.