Thursday, April 8, 2010

I work in a salon. . .

. . . and so you think that I would have endless access to fantastic stylists. The girls and Jesse-boy I work with are so fun, but I'm still too new at the salon and afraid of them all.

Anyway, I've been pondering (pahn-dur-eeng: to think in deep wonder and contemplation) how to style my hair for this wedding I happen to be the bride of. I love the look of long, flowy, romantic hair and I adore classy, chic updos-- alas, I always figured I'd have the long hair option. But I realized something. . .

I do my hair the same every stinking day.

Not because I don't know how to do anything different but because I like to do OTHER people's hair. . . not my own!

Another reason I wanted the long option was due to the impression I had of myself including my thought of how my face is so uber round that having my hair back would make me look like a dipstick.


Due to unforeseen natural calamities, the shop has been lacking during the day shift, giving me time to look in books and magazines and toy with my hair and guess what!?

My face isn't annoyingly rounded anymore! I still have marshmallow cheeks, but my jaw kind of lost weight--- so with my bangs out I look totally fabulous!

So basically this is stellar news because now I'll look super glamorous at my wedding and won't have to worry about my hair going flat or being all fly-away crap-tastic. I'm joyful.

In other news, my birthday present lava lamp has finally begun to work. Tsk, tsk, I should have known NOT to leave my window open, blinds open and door shut. I opened my door after school today to find monstrous demons flying around! I killed three of those hellions and then when I thought they were all gone, once SWOOPED from the fan blade onto my foot and I was not about to have any of that mess. I jumped around like a baboon/hyena and turned off that lava lamp swifter than Taylor Swift.

For the record, I don't blame myself for the bugs, I blame whoever didn't shut my window. And now I'm all itchy and twitchy because I don't know how many of those boogers are left and I'm not about to wake up with bugs in my brain from crawling up my nose and ears. That is NOT acceptable and I will torture them slowly in hot water if anything like that happens. Mark my words. It's going down.

Oh my gosh! I forgot why I even wrote this blog! So the receptionist in my salon saw me writing down names of salons where holy crap I'm not even kidding! Another one just swarmed to my face! I lost him!!! Freaking!

Resume. 30 intense seconds later.

...where I could possibly get me hair done in an updo and she said straight up, "Why are you looking around? Do you not want anyone here to do it? You have no friends that can do hair?" I was like. . "Uhm, waiiittt! Girls do updos here!?!?" in my most fake voice ever and she replied. So now I love her lots for actually making me feel welcome (you had to have been there. I can't make it out like it happened) and I think I might try getting my hair updid there.

My plan for the bugs is to turn off MY light and turn on the HALL light and wait till the boogers go out to the hall light to swarm it. That light will zap them no problemo. Consider it done. I hate bugs. I kill them for a living.



Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Bahahaha! Nasty bugs.

I can't wait to see your hair :)

Jen said...

Ha Ha you totally crack me up. so fun you found me:)

p.s. I did my hair up & TOTALLY wish i would have done it down for my wedding. Up do's are just not me at all.