Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wiggly Wednesday

I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays are when we have the least amount of homework, the most time to spend doing nothing, all the shopping gets done on Wednesday. . . it's just the best! Jake has been noticing how awesome Wednesdays are too, and today when we were both home from school, he started dancing and just being very him-like. When I asked him what he was doing, he just said "Wiggling!!! Wednesday is here and already half over!!" I love my husband!!

After hearing about his reasoning for "wiggling", we talked about what made him so happy today.
We've decided that from now on, Wednesday is Wiggle Day. . . awkward sounding, I think yes. Worth it, obviously.

Here's what made today Wiggle Worthy

-Charmin t.p. being on super sale
-Continuing the "Awkward at NAU" photography contest (best thing ever)
-Jake running into a stop sign on the way to school
-Me turning around just in time to see the crash
-Him not needing medical attention and laughter beginning
-Still laughing while we waited for the train. . . So what if I'm the only one laughing. . psh.
-Angry Birds for an hour while he was in tutoring for Calculus
-Playing hide and seek in Target
-One word: breakfast (seriously, best meal of the day!!!)

I love Wednesday.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I capitalize Spring Break. . .

March is a crazy month for us. It houses Jake's birthday, Saint Patrick's Day, and Spring Break! We love it!

Jake's birthday was so fun! He was really excited for it and so I let him open a present. People, he was E.X.C.I.T.E.D. I got him two things. A blender and a gun. He had a suspicion that he was getting a gun, but I didn't want him to really know. I told him he could pick one the night before and then he had a debate about which one he should open. The bigger box or the smaller blender box. When he realized what he picked, he was hysterical! It was absolutely amusing!!! I gave in and let him open the gun and now he's been planning trips for shooting. Come September, we're going to eat elk every day. Here is documentation of the awesome faces he makes.
Favorite sugary cereal: Reese's Puffs. He's so handsome!

Clearly he chose the red one.

When he realized it's only a blender!!! There were tears in his eyes. Awesome.

He opened the black one so gentle.

The rest of the night he was hiding behind corners being a sniper. It was the best thing ever!

Birthday and birthweek ended and then it was Spring Break! We stayed in Mesa and of course came back with the Curtis pictures!!!He fell asleep and I snooped to see him like this!!!

He does the most amazing elephant crawl thing! I loved it!! I love to tease him and he teases me back!!!
He started coming over and then stopped!

Cowboy is our family's super old dog, but he and the Curtis are seriously best friends. When he stops crawling in this one, he goes straight to Cowboy time before going again! He's so photogenic!It's hilarious.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love today.

Today is awesome. Today in my hardest class we had a test. . . and I aced it! I knew the answer to every question before I saw the answers and basically I know for a fact that I a.c.e.d. that thing!

I was so excited (because seriously! this class is hard to me!) that I went for a run and two hours later still had energy. Jake hadn't come home or been out of class since the amazingness, so I called my mom and my dad to tell the my happy happy news. They are so supportive! I love them.

Now Jake is home and working on a timed quiz. I am still happy happy happy. Tonight also is date night and at the NAU theater they're showing Harry Potter 7, part 1! So today is meant to be swell.

I love days like this. They make the hard days worth it! They make studying for 8 hours on a Saturday, and a family home evening of studying and every other day that I don't see Jake because we're both studying so easy to manage! Really! If tomorrow is a horrible day, it'll be totally fine because we both had excellent days!

And this is from a few days ago, but Jake's favorite show is "Chuck" and Chuck himself was singing with Mandy Moore at the Oscars. Now Chuck is close to a best friend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I called 911 today. . .

and it was so fun. Remember how there are always drunks by my house? Well today there were about thirty. They obviously all hated each other though because there was a HUGE fight! It was bizarre. I was on my way to school (I ride my bike!) and I heard the fight and saw the gargantuan group of people. Then I noticed the people WATCHING and not doing anything. I got out my phone, called the police and no joke. In two minutes 5 police cars zoomed up! It was impressive. I'm proud of Flagstaff for that!

Other than that, today was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. The sun was shining, the snow is melting (temporarily, I'm told) and I can actually not wear three jackets, a hat and gloves when I ride to school. This is great news because usually I look like a pack mule with all the stuff I carry!

Jake news: He gets the chance to "compete" for extra credit in chemistry by building a huge solar oven. It has to boil water faster than the rest of his classmates for him to get any credit. I've been so busy with my schoolwork that I couldn't help him with his design, but he has taken off! The thing is super impressive and he is having really good thoughts about it. I laugh a lot because the oven is just sitting in the middle of our living room. It's the hot chocolate table we never had! I keep kicking it though. . . it's big! I can't help it.

Two Sundays ago it was snowing like crazy! I don't even know how to describe it, so just imagine insane snow blustering about. Jake went out early to get the car scraped and the snow out of the way so we could forge our way to church. Our neighbor Mac saw him and came over and offered us a ride in his truck (fully equipped with 4-wheel drive). I had just popped my head out the door to hear the invitation and rsvp'ed "YES!" on the spot. Church time comes and we all squeeze into the little cabbed truck. It was a tight squeeze for Mac and his wife, Carissa, and Jake and me, but it was excited! I was giddy! I'd never seen anything like this.
We had to go a different way to church because the normal way has a long and big hill that cars usually get stuck on. As we're going the long way, a minivan in front of us is sliding like crazy. My dad is my driving guru and I call him anytime there is ice or rain or snow and he tells me what a good job I did managing NOT to crash! So believe me when I say, my dad would be more impressed with my horrible snow driving skills than theirs! Anyway. They get stuck. We laugh. We help them (another side story is that Jake and I don't have winter footwear so I just wear normal heels to church and he wears his nice shoes. . . so imagine him looking fabulous for a day in the Mesa-spring, trying not to slide in the Flagstaff-spring!) and finally after a good half hour to 45 minutes, we are all at church.

The funny part happens during the third block. Jake finds out that the man he helped is the new Elders Quorum president. He also finds out that he hasn't called his counselors yet. He called on this past Sunday. Guess who has a meeting with him and the bishopric?!?!

We have no idea what's happening and we aren't seriously speculating what's going to happen at the meeting, he could just be called to teach every third Sunday or something, but me.myself.I. like to tease him with the grander possibility of the meeting. I love to tease him about things!

The end.

PS. Ending blog posts is really awkward to me.