Monday, June 30, 2014

Month 3.

New nicknames: Jake has been calling Gwennie, "Fritz." Initially, I hated this because we once had a dog named Fritz and he died! Then I remembered that I don't care and it's cute. HA!

Favorite activities: Laying on the grass and having her face feel the wind. Nothing brings more smiles!

Favorite songs: ABC's, I'm a Little Teapot, 123's, Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, Jesus Loves Me (I first heard this on 19 and Counting with the Duggar family, and then my friend Rachel taught it to me!)

Gwen's learned to yell. Today she was a little car alarm for us. I was pumping, and Jake went to the bathroom and she just shouted, "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" It was hilarious. I told her to yell again, and she immediately said it again! Her personality is just sweet. She has the best temperament.

Mini and Lambie aren't friends anymore. It was a swift and gentle breakup. We've tried to reunite them, but no luck. Some relationships just don't last.

Gwen's too chunky monkey to wear 3 month clothes. We've officially busted out the 6 month gear, and she is so happy to not be squished into clothes. She's learning that wearing your size is more important than the size number you wear. ;)

Mini's appetite is so crazy. Sometimes she'll scarf down an entire bottle (5oz) and then still be hungry, and she'll eat another one! On other meals, she'll be content with 3 oz. It's really bizarre, but oh well.

 We are in the midst of teething. This is fun for me, and sad for Gwennie. We learn in school that teeth begin to erupt at 6 months, plus or minus 2 months. Gwen has swollen gums, a drooly face, and some hard spots on her lower gums--all pointing to teething. Luckily, she has been a happy camper throughout it all. She loves to gnaw on fingers and Silky. Silky's are her mini blankies that are so so so soft. . . and silky.

Gwen is best friends with her cousin Ridge. She likes him and sometimes talks to him, but mostly she'll just poke and prod him.

Her nails are growing with a vengeance. Every time we clip or file her nails, they come back faster and thicker than before!

She loves to help with kitchen stuff. I'll put her in the carrier and then make breakfast or cookies and she is SO interested!

She was having too much fun kicking to be still for even a second.

Just talking. She has a lot to say, go figure!

Talking again!

More conversation.


I love bows on her. Also, if she sees the camera, she stops smiling. Hence, the angle.

Going on a walk!


First time in the grass. She is thinking, "What is this poky stuff???"

Ridge was saying something crazy.

Earring and Lambie, pre-breakup.

Showing off some skin.

Milkie coma on the way to Pinetop.

Crazy hair days!

She has great self image.

Playing with Baby Will. They are friends.

Gwen stares at Jake like this the entire bath long. She LOVES him, and she LOVES bathtime.

She put herself to sleep at lunch with some friends.

I snuck this during a nap. Her hands escaped the swaddle, and were holding on to the edge of the blankie!

She's introducing Ridge to us. . . "This is Ridge, Mom."
We love Gwennie more and more every second. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ear Piercing!

Before having Gwen, I always wanted my girls to get their ears pierced as soon as possible--but then she was born. Everything about her is obviously perfect, and I decided I'd wait to get her ears pierced until she either 1. wanted and could ask for them, or 2. when she turned 8 years old.

I was totally happy about that decision. . . until my coworker, Lindsee, showed me a picture of her cute girl with her little ears pierced! Lindsee's babe is only a few weeks older than Mini, so we proceeded to discuss every aspect of piercing. After the conversation, I changed my mind about waiting and we decided to go the next day!

I called Claire's in Flagstaff mall and asked the girl a million questions: was she certified? Would she sterilize everything? Has she pierced baby ears before? All answers were perfect.

When we got to the mall, I was excited. In the car, Jake asked, "are we sure about this?" and I said, "YEP! It's going to be so cute!"

We walked straight to the store and the gal, Robin,  greeted us while J sat down with Mini. Robin immediately got to work cleaning and then got her marker ready! This part was the funnest! Meredith and I looked at the dots she drew over and over until we all agreed they were perfect. Then came the worst part. Robin wanted the earrings to sit perfectly, and so did we. In striving for perfection, it took a looong time (and it was probably only 20 seconds, but they were long seconds) to line the machine up. I was holding Gwen's head still and she wasn't enjoying that, obviously, and with each second I was more hesitant. I was letting my grip of her head go to tell Robin that I didn't want to do it anymore, and then CLICK! She did it! I immediately got my hold back, and while Gwen was prepping for a FAT cry, Robin got on the other side, lined up and CLICK! DONE.

As soon as I heard the click and knew that both earrings were in, I looked really fast to make sure I was content and then picked up my baby to snuggle the heck outta her. I'm thankful Merry joined us because she definitely made sure the earrings were even. I wasn't emotional, but I needed to give Gwennie a squeeze and relied on Merry to make sure we were all symmetrical!

J and I came prepped with a fresh bottle and swaddle blanket. When I took her from Jake, I took a second to swaddle her, and then just plopped that bottle right in her sad mouth. It took her a little to realize the bottle was there, but once she did, she took a little sip, then complained about how mean we all were, and took another drink. By the time we walked out of the mall, Mini was konked out! She woke up when we put her in the carseat, and she was all smiles. She had no clue she had just gone through such a traumatic thing! We were laughing because she was just smiling and talking! It was too dark to take a picture in the car, but believe me when I say that she was all smiles.

Gwennie's little earrings are the best. It was extremely worth doing while she was so little. She never fusses with them, and they are super easy to take care of. Important fact: we went with the square (princess) cut diamonds and 14 k white gold. She is looking fancy. Also, Robin said something and I thought it was so cute because we didn't do the princess cut on purpose--they were just the prettiest. Anyway! Robin said, "Princess cut for your little princess!" I am so embarrassed to admit that that melted my heart, but it did!

Here is a picture overload. Gwen looks just lovely!

Marking her cutey ears!

Bored baby. She had better things to do.

This is where the sadness starts.

If you zoom on this one, that is the face of pure sorrow.

Sad sparklies!

One down, one to go.

These cheeks. . . I die.


Prior to piercing, Gwen and Robin bonded.

I love this picture of them two.
We went to dinner because she was so chill. This is her "I love going out" face.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Irrational Fears.

Remember the time I mentioned my irrational fears? Here, here, and here? Well. I have more. I am frightened of lakes. I haven't ever played in a lake that I remember, but I've hiked in enough places to know that lakes exist in canyons. Canyons are deep. And they have weird rock formations that things can get stuck under. Also, there have got to be bodies in lakes. . . they're too deep to not have dead people in them. I really want to go play at a lake, but I'm afraid of Inferi waking from their slumber and eating me. I'm serious. Also, what if water from the lake got in my mouth? I'd be eating flesh skin cells, and people's urine and defecation. . . that freaks me out.

The end.