Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm probably the best. . .

. . . person ever for what I'm doing right now. Background: I am in a ridiculous class this semester. I don't need it or even want it, but it filled in real nice for my literacy credit. Anyhoo. A while ago I wrote about teachers that I hated and I talked about the teacher for this course I'm talking about. Turns out, I was wrong. I loves her because she is so mean and straight up and funny.

First day of class she tells us about this "huge" and "difficult" persuasive essay we have to have for our final. Well, in the class of illiterate fiends, this would be difficult and hard, but I just love it! So it's due in two days and since I need a presentation (no power points by the way...this is important :) I decided to do my paper tonight. My paper is persuading you that popcorn is the best treat ever. . . and I rock. I love this paper and will probably post it. Now, mind you, English is going to be my minor so I has sum skillz, but I've had to throw a few out the window because I know she'll give me a better grade if she feels like she's helped me. Anyway, I just took out the whole paragraph I wrote about defending popcorn till I die. I thought that might be pushing it. . .

For my presentation I can't have a PowerPoint. I found this out, along with the rest of my awesomely stunned classmates at 9:54 p.m. last Wednesday. Class meets once a week from 7-10pm. Needless to say, the class had mini heart attacks. . . BUT NOT I! Indeed this makes my brilliant plan more intoxicating! Guess who is making Popsicle stick figures and bringing in popcorn and air poppers to class for her presentation??? This engaged gal! muahahahaha. I am just so stinking hilarious. The only girl I know-know in class thinks I'm dumb but secretly she's jealous because she didn't think about it! Hers is on whether or not chemo is bad. She found out after her senior year in 2006 that she had cancer so she could totally shred mine to bits, but she refuses to bring in her wigs and antibacterial wipes to class to pass around. I don't want to win so easily against her wigs, but if she's going to let me, I might as well win hard, right? :)

She has a prosthetic and wants to pass THAT around. . . I think if she does this that I should go first so people can eat lots of corn and then sh can pop off her fake leg that makes weird sounds and then everyone will vomit and we will all pass!!!

Yay! I love finals!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My sister is funny.

My sister has a nickname bestowed upon her by Jacob. He commonly refers to her as "Merry-Death" and I found this video that may explain his reasoning!

Do you know. . .

. . . how hard it is to find an apartment with a washer and dryer, a bathroom that doesn't need to be accessed from the master bedroom AND that is on the first floor???

I do.

At least it's semi-fun :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thoughts of parking lots. . .

. . . have been on my mind since last Monday. I've been thinking about all my deepest and best memories and a lot of them involved some kind of parking lot! I decided both of my best friends were really my best friends when I was talking to them in the car in a parking lot. I decided I loved my future husband when we were sitting in a parking lot telling insanely ridiculous secrets. I've cried my brain dry after work in a parking lot (not in front of the work place, I promise!!!) and I have beat the steering wheel in frustration in a parking lot. Parking lots are the place!

So having the frequent thoughts of my parking lot life, my Thursday was totally unexpected. I went to my car after getting out of class early. I always park in the institute lot because 1. it's easier to find my car and 2. why would I park anywhere else!? So I got out of class and was dinking around in the car waiting for 7:oo to roll around so I could go to mine and Jake's weekly institute date debating whether or not I actually was hungry or if I just really WANTED to be hungry so I could eat Taco Bell and glorious Baja Blast Mountain Dew. So I'm getting my text on while debating and a girl, who obviously doesn't notice me, parked toward me (like a head on collision?? parking job? I know what I mean) gets in her car.

I'm kind of creepy I guess because I TOTALLY watched her. . . weird. But she locked herself into her car, pulled an iPod earbud out of her ear, looked at her steering wheel and her whole demeanor changed. While she was getting in the car, she was nothing but smiles. Not the fake kind either; no, her glow was the radiant, I-just-got-the-A-I-studied-for-and-the-cute-boy-just-texted-me-and-I-understand-a-whole-chapter-in-Isaiah glow.

In an instant, in the security of her car and the security of her mind and being in a place of solace she let out her inside feelings. This fabulously beaming girl changed into a girl of fear, worry. . . all the things that are our worst enemies.

The story basically ends there. She looked up and I looked away early enough to let her have her privacy, but quick enough to nod her on before she drove away, but I just can't stop thinking about her. I think about how this young woman, this gorgeous daughter of God could hurt and be alone and it stinks because she was so good at hiding it.

I learned, in a matter of 3o seconds, a lesson before institute and it has already helped me in becoming a better person. I learned that every single person has an inside and an outside and that the two aren't going to be in sync every day or even every hour and minute. And THAT is where our beautiful gospel comes in to play. When we feel loved, confused, sad, upset and joyful we're never alone in that feeling. It's hard in the bad times to remember that we're being watched over, but it's in that moment when we can pull it together and drive out of the parking lot that we remember that we can make it and that we WILL make it and that we will make it out of the situation, good or bad, with a loving Heavenly Father and Christ.

In the parking lots, nothing makes more sense.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I work in a salon. . .

. . . and so you think that I would have endless access to fantastic stylists. The girls and Jesse-boy I work with are so fun, but I'm still too new at the salon and afraid of them all.

Anyway, I've been pondering (pahn-dur-eeng: to think in deep wonder and contemplation) how to style my hair for this wedding I happen to be the bride of. I love the look of long, flowy, romantic hair and I adore classy, chic updos-- alas, I always figured I'd have the long hair option. But I realized something. . .

I do my hair the same every stinking day.

Not because I don't know how to do anything different but because I like to do OTHER people's hair. . . not my own!

Another reason I wanted the long option was due to the impression I had of myself including my thought of how my face is so uber round that having my hair back would make me look like a dipstick.


Due to unforeseen natural calamities, the shop has been lacking during the day shift, giving me time to look in books and magazines and toy with my hair and guess what!?

My face isn't annoyingly rounded anymore! I still have marshmallow cheeks, but my jaw kind of lost weight--- so with my bangs out I look totally fabulous!

So basically this is stellar news because now I'll look super glamorous at my wedding and won't have to worry about my hair going flat or being all fly-away crap-tastic. I'm joyful.

In other news, my birthday present lava lamp has finally begun to work. Tsk, tsk, I should have known NOT to leave my window open, blinds open and door shut. I opened my door after school today to find monstrous demons flying around! I killed three of those hellions and then when I thought they were all gone, once SWOOPED from the fan blade onto my foot and I was not about to have any of that mess. I jumped around like a baboon/hyena and turned off that lava lamp swifter than Taylor Swift.

For the record, I don't blame myself for the bugs, I blame whoever didn't shut my window. And now I'm all itchy and twitchy because I don't know how many of those boogers are left and I'm not about to wake up with bugs in my brain from crawling up my nose and ears. That is NOT acceptable and I will torture them slowly in hot water if anything like that happens. Mark my words. It's going down.

Oh my gosh! I forgot why I even wrote this blog! So the receptionist in my salon saw me writing down names of salons where holy crap I'm not even kidding! Another one just swarmed to my face! I lost him!!! Freaking!

Resume. 30 intense seconds later.

...where I could possibly get me hair done in an updo and she said straight up, "Why are you looking around? Do you not want anyone here to do it? You have no friends that can do hair?" I was like. . "Uhm, waiiittt! Girls do updos here!?!?" in my most fake voice ever and she replied. So now I love her lots for actually making me feel welcome (you had to have been there. I can't make it out like it happened) and I think I might try getting my hair updid there.

My plan for the bugs is to turn off MY light and turn on the HALL light and wait till the boogers go out to the hall light to swarm it. That light will zap them no problemo. Consider it done. I hate bugs. I kill them for a living.


Monday, April 5, 2010

"But I marinated the hamurger!" . . .

. . . is the first thing that Jake said to me when I told him I wanted hot wings for dinner. Since we in college and trying to gain our college weight, we would eat out numerous times a week. We cut it down to going to a nice place once a week and I wanted Native New Yorker (amen) and when I let him know about the delicious honey hot and suicide wings we'd be ordering, he reminded me that it was family home evening night.

Since I met him in the singles ward around 15 months ago, it was in our flirtation cycle to attend all day church on Sunday (more time to "bump" into each other), fhe on Monday nights (to accidentally look super duper awesome by coincidence) and then whatever ward functions were available. . .hiking trips, camping trips, fireside--you name it! Back to family home evening though; it's really important to us both for different reasons.

My idea of family home evening includes singing opening, closing, and any "rest" hymn we could because my family loves singing and playing the piano. They included a lesson, a family plan for the week, two prayers, and ALWAYS a treat. I l.o.v.e. treats.

Jake's family home evening consists of everyone being home, in their own rooms, playing their own games. But, nonetheless, they are together and that's what matters.

So we decided early on that we would always have family home evening and that he would teach my future sons what they need to know, etc etc etc.

Tonight, after meeting at the closing of math for me and physics for him, we ventured to his house to partake of the "marinated hamburgers."

Let me tell you what.

When Jake wants, he can make some yummy foods! Holy cow. Punny! So these burgers were marinated in Jake's one-of-a-kind sauce--it is super good. He makes it often, but not enough for me to get tired of it, but not enough that I'm always dying to eat it! So in his sauce was this slab of meat. With mushrooms. And bellpeppers. And potatoes. And tomatoes. Pepperjack was the choice of cheese. Toasted buns. Mountain Dew that was still bubbly! WITH ICE! Amazing. And our vegetable was the corn. . . baked hot cheetohs. He is so nice! I like him!

We both ate two of those fat-tastic things and then it was lesson time. I wasn't aware that I'd be the lesson, so I remembered how in conference I found out that we're basically celebs to Heavenly Father and we talked about how to make other people feel like the VIPs that we happen to be.

Then came our first activity. We went back and forth about things we thought the other had that was super celebrity like. It was awesome and shallow for a few minutes, but then it got less shallow. Then Jake yelled "BOO!" in my face and I decided family home evening was over. :) *haha that made me laugh because I was mad when he did it since he was being serious and then yelled it and I got scared and actually jumped, but now it's funny*

I went home and when I got there my mom told me about the mission I had. Mission:Hit up all the Wal*Marts and get the cheap Easter candy because it's the colors of my wedding and super duper on sale.


I called Jake and the plan was set. I drove to get him because it was my mission (if it would've been his mission, he would've driven). Seven Wal*Marts, four hours and 70 dollars later, I was home. I'm proud of the candy that will be at my reception because it was on super sale and it was a fun time.

Also, I'm really good at scaring Jake, so for payback at yelling boo! to me, I hid behind a trashcan in Wal*Mart and jumped out and he is such a scaredy cat!

I love Monday.