Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our babies are naughty!

Earth, Wind and Fire and being so bad. Wind is just special, so she mostly stays out of it, but Fire keeps growling at Earth! They are like high school girls that all want the same boyfriend, but in their case it's actually only Timothy hay that they want. They've been cat fighting all week and jumping each other. I'm proud of little Windy for staying out of their sisterly drama, but dang dizzle ladies! We need to keep ourselves under control! They're scaring Daddy Denham and if you scare the pops, you can guarantee yourself a carrot and cucumber free week, and NO one wants that!

Earth tries to kamikaze out of her cage anytime I open it to feed that little punk.

And you have to love the weird faces Wind has perfected. Seriously. This is only half of her cool.

The end. They are so bad. I'm going to spank them. . . not really. They are much too fast to catch for spankings. For now I will just shake my finger at them and say "No!"

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The One Klar said...

I can't wait for you to be a momma of babies. :) :) This post was hilarious. I miss you.