Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I love summer. Summer loves me.

I am sooo ready for summer. This semester has been awesome, but we cannot wait to really enjoy our new home.

On another note, it snowed. Yes. Yesterday. And today. Sure, it wasn't enough to stick, but a fact is a fact. And it's weird, yet gorgeous.


Kylee. said...

Oh my heck- I am so ready for summer!! it's been so fickle here the last few weeks. snow, rain, sun, rain, rain, sun, rain.

make up your mind!!!

Sarah Blue said...

It is May in Arizona. It did not snow in Flagstaff. You have lost your mind living in that high altitude. You must reacclimate your brains by coming to visit me in a normal altitude city. :)

Allisa and Nicholas said...

New home? You guys are buying a house. I am super jealous.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I am so happy it hasn't snowed yet. Utah is always bi-polar like that. STAY SUMMER :) haha

Leenie said...

What? Snow? That is definitely crazy. But I am with ya girl, totally readayy for summer. Oh, just stumbled on your page somehow. I love your name! And your blog!