Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flagstaff vs. Mesa

I love Mesa. It's warm, familiar, and I know exactly where to go when I want to run in to someone.

I love Flagstaff. It's cold, new and I can walk to school when it snows and I can't see on my bike.

Mesa has Hobby Lobby.

Flagstaff has Diablo Burger.

Mesa has Pete's Fish and Chips and Costa Vida.

Flagstaff has an urban trail all the way through it.

Mesa has cactus.

Flagstaff has grass.

Mesa pet stores have bunnies.

Flagstaff has dwarf hamsters and guinea pigs.

In Mesa I had my own washing machine and dryer.

Flagstaff allows me to get all the laundry done in an hour at the laundromat.

In Mesa, a full tank of gas last a week, two weeks top.

In Flagstaff, one full tank of gas has lasted us two months.

I love my homes.

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