Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wiggly Wednesday

Things that make us wiggle today:
-Egg Benedict breakfast by moia!
-A new mountain bike (Saturday trips will now include me!)
-Getting our taxes done (finally! I procrastinate. . . big deal.)
-Getting a FAT tax return! Hooray marriage and school!
-Planning our anniversary trip
-Adding triplet guinea pigs to our family (more on this later!!)
-Having a handicapped rodent
-Naming said rodents Earth, Wind and Fire

Weird Things:
-People walking sans shoes. I'm still dry heaving about this. I know it's a "good cause" but just donate money. Don't wart-ify your feet. I've seen people urinate and spit on the sidewalk. . . the sidewalk YOU'RE walking shoe-free on. Nasty.
-Old hobo man that sits in the same place every day. You never ask for money. . what do you want?
-Having a presentation in the morning, a test in the afternoon, a test the next day and a homework assignment the nexter day
-Those android phones are named after men's belly fat. . . awkward.

I love our rodents. They sound like popcorn.

1 comment:

Katie said...

This is too funny! And I totally agree about the shoes thing... it weirded me out a little bit. Or a lotta bit.