Monday, December 12, 2011


I love snow. I love trying to walk to class in it. I love watching people riding their bikes way too fast and falling over from not being able to stop quickly on the ice. I love when the snow looks like its hardened when it really hasn't and you step on it to short-cut, but then you actually drop in 6 inches. I love the way we had a final review with the professor on Sunday and that I didn't want to go, but was blessed to see some doofus try to walk on the frozen pond near the union. I was even more blessed for going when the doofus fell in to the pond sideways and was completely soaked. . . and then even even more so when he tried to make it look like he did that on purpose. When other kind passersby pretended not to notice after he was known to be okay, I gladly laughed aloud at him and called him a dumb dumb.

I love when driving how sometimes even though you go so slow from a complete stop, those back wheels are not going to connect with the road. Along with that, I love the embarrassment that comes long with that awkward slide. I love when the public buses go to far over in their lane and end up showering me while I'm walking on the sidewalk.

I love thermal underwear, wool socks, waterproof boots and ear warmers. I love being warm while walking to school. I don't love going to school so nice and toasty and finally getting in to class and not being able to take off enough layers to avoid sweating through all those toasty clothes nor avoiding frizzy hair when taking off ear warmers.

I love the way snow freezes on the car and forces J to go scrape it off with a snow shovel because he won't buy a scraper. It brings me joy to drink hot cocoa in the morning while peeking through the blinds to stalk him in his fury. I love trying to hurry away when he comes back into the house so frozen solid.

I love how the sky is purple when it's snowing. I love how staying in bed is so nice with such big, fluffy pillows and J. I love bringing the laptop in our room and watching Harry Potter while I cry uncontrollably because I love Snape so much. I love pretending to be asleep when J wants to watch ESPN.

I love how school is over in a matter of days. I love that we'll get to sleep at our house and not have to go to morning class. I love that we may get snow day tomorrow that would cancel chemistry finals. I love that we discovered the akwardness that is ChatRoulette. I love that Earth, Wind and Fire hate us so much.

I just am really liking this whole we-actually-have-a-true-four-season-life thing that happens two hours away from Mesa.

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Merkley Jiating said...

I hate snow. I never want to live where it snows again.