Sunday, August 21, 2011

camping, new neighbors and weird conversations

This weekend Jack went to work extra early so he could come home and take his woman to a sweet camp trip. Clearly we took our gun because we are not in the mood for a bear attack right before school. We got to our sight around 2:00 pm and right after we set up our tent the rain started downpouring! We sat inside with all our bedding stuff which was good because it was stinking freezing cold. I discovered that foresty creatures like squirrels and skunks think they own the place after a hard rain. Luckily the skunks were never naughty towards us. We roasted marshmallows and ate steak tin foil dinners. It was nice to relax and not have anything we had to do! We were lazy the whole time!

Oh my gosh. Since Jack didn't have work on Saturday we watched movies and discovered our least favorite movie ever. Our super rad neighbors went to Oregon for the weekend and gave us their keys and so naturally we borrowed Country Strong. We had only heard great things so we were really excited. . . we hated it!!! Holy cow. Kelly (Gwyneth Paltrow) is the main character and every five minutes she was either 1.cheating on her husband, 2.having a mental breakdown, 3. cheating on her husband again, or 4.drinking! The worst part of the whole thing was that we had to finish the movie to find out what happened to Chiles! It was horrid. Oh my word. I looked up reviews on it after we watched it and someone said it was the best movie of the year. I almost cried laughing because obviously they didn't see Harry Potter, but really. And Jake especially hated it because dumb Kelly was drinking throughout her pregnancy and then fell off a stage and her baby died. But THEN she had a breakdown about how she missed her baby. . . like. . . it was going to have fetal alcohol syndrome from your alcoholism anyway. . . Jake loves telling people that the movie made his eyes bleed. I loves him!

Our complex just got three new couples and so it has been quite lively around here. One couple lives next to the Elephants, so first thing I did was warn her that the walls are literally dry-wall thin. I wish someone would've told the Elephants that when they first moved in. . . oh well.


Rachie said...

I appreciate your hatred of the movie Country Strong ever so much. I went and saw it when it was in the dollar with 5 of my friends. 3 loved it and 3 hated it. I am proud to say that I hated that movie with a fiery passion within my soul. dumb dumb dumb

Lisa and Jared said...

i HATED that movie! I was so MAD at the whole thing. I mean, the previews made it look like a really awesome, empowering movie about overcoming obstacles when nobody believes in you. But no. Message of the movie? Just kill yourself. no big deal...then everyone will figure out how much you mean to them. blech!!!!

Mary said...

I'm sorry you had to sit through idiocy. Here is a hilarious movie reviewers blog.

I think you'll like.