Thursday, August 25, 2011


School starts on Monday and the Denham household is loving it. . . 1/2 of the household actually! I love back to school! I love new folders, new pencils and pens, new 10-page syllabi, and people wandering around trying to not look lost, but being so obviously lost. (Since I've already been there, done that lost business, I feel justified laughing in my head.)

To prepare, I've been cleaning. . . and I mean deep cleaning. This translates to: cleaning out all the drawers in all rooms of the junk we acquired last semester so that we can fill them with junk from this semester. Jack has been preparing in the least obvious way; sleeping. His externship is over, but he has to prepare a gargantuous presentation for the doctors. Plus he worked the whole summer from six a.m. to 5 p.m. so he really does need to catch up as much as possible before he is slammed with his Air Force courses, sciences and maths- all of which are the classes of champions.

The pigs have been being very moody lately. Earth and Fire(Donna) attack Wind. . . literally! They bare their teeths and everything! It's weird, but Wind just loves her sisters and so she lets them do this to her. I put the dumb Earth and Fire in timeout (a kiddie pool with hay) and when Wind figured out she was alone, she just passed out from being played with too much by those mean girls. I feel like my pigs lately but not because I attack my sisters. That would be hilarious. . . no, they eat and eat and eat, then run around for maybe a second from happy full tummies, and then pass out sleeping for hours. I'm such a good mommy to them!

Jack rocks our primary class. He knows all the Articles of Faith already so he's definitely on the Peter Piper Pizza list! Woot!


Mike and Esther said...

you are weird for loving school. shame on you.

Sarah Blue said...

Why is Jake taking Air Force classes? Did he join up?