Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2 - Supportive Spouseing of Seasons

Jake immediately supported my love for the lesser-loved holidays.

He celebrated Cinco de Mayo conmigo with flan de naranja.

He didn't mind not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day so I could pinch him the entire day long.

April Fool's Day was a sight to be seen. My only fool was hiding any time possible so I could jump out and scare him which is not saved solely for April, but on the first it is more widely acceptable.

May Day and Canada Days were especially fun. Can you do better than homemade poutine sadly without the squeaky cheese. . .? No. You cannot.

But without fail, the best holiday to ever have been in my life--- The Day of Independence. July 4. Nothing is better than Independence Day. Fireworks, barbeque, family, watermelon, swimming, parties. . . no other holiday can have all of those things!

Meeting Jake turned my favorite holiday into something even better than it had ever been before. He took me to his almost hometown (he lived minutes away from this place), Show-Low.
We drove down the Deuce of Clubs, past the Sonic to Show-Low high school. Equipped with blankets we hopped the fence to avoid a longer walk (l.a.z.y.b.u.m.s.)

Firework dust literally fell onto the blanket. The field hosted a humongous fiesta with a band and way more, but to fully understand, you just have to experience it.

Now we have a Denham-Clark family tradition of July 4 in Show-Low, complete with breakfast at Momma Bears. Best. Tradition. Ever.
Laughable picture. Horrible quality. I will be one of those ladies that wears outfits for the month.

Pity smiles from the man, unjust photo of the crowd. It's humongous er. Trust me.



Maria said...

You and Poutine, two of my favorite things. I bet you look super cute all month long in your fetive outfits.

Becky said...

I LOVE. to dress up for holidays!! ESP. the 4th! You are too cute! My girls are already looking forward to the red white and blue hairstuff/necklaces and clothes they get to wear! I miss you and Jake's faces!! Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you THankYou for the Mother's Day card, it was very sweet of you to think of me! :)

Kylee. said...

haha you are the BEST!! i love love you

The Lucas Gang said...

so we should seriously meet up this year for the 4th and do lunch or brunch or something fancy, like sonic drive in. =D