Thursday, June 9, 2011

Once upon a time. . .

I was going to have a birthday. Jacob asked me what I wanted, so I told him.

I want socks and a lava lamp.

I needed more socks because I had to keep stealing my mom's and hers had designs on them so she could tell when I was stealing them.

I wanted a lava lamp because it was my prime example for making fun of Twilight.

He asked me for weeks leading up to that blessed November day and I'd tell him the same thing, to which he'd always respond with, "That's so stupid!"

Finally the day of my 20th anniversary from birth came. It was a Monday night (FHE) and he came over with a bag bigger than necessary for socks.

I opened the present to find a Forum beanie and a rad Volcom jacket for our next snow boarding trip. . . but no socks, and no lava lamp.

I wasn't upset, the hat was awesome and the jacket is the best thing ever, so we headed off to FHE.

When I was getting in the car, Jacob ran from my door because he opened it duhh to my house because he forgot something. When I was situated with my seat belt, he came back out and got on one knee. He couldn't be proposing to my face because I spoiled his secrets all. the. time. I was so confused. . .

And then it happened. He had in his hand. . . a pack. . . of 10 pairs of brand. new. socks. I didn't tear up when we got engaged, but when he handed me those socks, my eyes started watering! It was insanely ridiculous and he let me pretend that I didn't get that overwhelmed by socks.

I was so ecstatic going to family home evening. Nothing special happened there, but I knew I had socks.

We planned to meet up with my friend at a Wal-Mart. Awkward meeting place, yes. Did we care? No. So we meet Megan and she goes to her Jeep to get her bag.

She came back with her purse and a wrapped gift for me. I was completely surprised because we had gone out to eat for celebrationing already! I began to open my gift. . .

And it was my purple lava lamp from Jacob.

I then had another emotional trip because I was the proud owner of a beautiful lava lamp. She is my friend. Her name is Purple. I love her. And Megan. And Jacob the most.

Moral: Men do hear when ladies speak. . . even if they think it's dumb, they listen.


Caroline said...

You're such a dork, and I like it.

Mike and Esther said...

so cute and nerdy. go jacob!

Maria said...

I like this picture, you guys are so stripey. Oh, and Jacob is really nice. You can tell him that.