Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Christmas!!!

Our Christmas this year was QUITE unlike any other we've had! We give new meaning to the saying "It's not a family gathering without a little bit of drama." Thankfully, J and I have successfully recovered from food-induced comas!
We were able to spend a week with the Denhams. They just moved into a new home in Taylor, and I think it suits them....even though they're already wanting to move again! We were able to go with J's old man to his dental office and work with everyone, which always puts J in a better mood.
My favorite part of Christmas is all the songs, and in Flaggy we were punished with absolutely no Christmas music. I always got annoyed how the holiday music started before Thanksgiving, but I learned my lesson and will never take blessed "Frosty, the Snowman" for granted again!
To ring in the new year, J and I were released from our primary teaching calling. To put things mildly, I was sad...J jumped for joy! I don't think he's realized that he actually really liked our class, but I think when he gets something new to do he'll put it together...and I'll laugh a lot to shame him.
Thankfully the holidays are over. We're excited for a new year and new family motto--and especially glad to put such a stressful holiday behind us. Here's to 2012 being our best year yet!
Our Denham Duo 2011
Can we talk about how J is a model? Seriously.


Seneca said...

Can't stop staring at your dress!!!

Mike and Esther said...

I love the pictures! fancy shmasy.

Heidi said...

your hair is sooo long! I love it!

Ali said...

Love the pictures!! We're actually moving up with our Primary class. Going from Sunbeams to CTR 4! ;) Oh kids!

The Merrills said...

You're hair is so long!! It's gorgeous!!

Carolyn said...

Can we talk about how gorgeous you look? holy hot tamale!