Saturday, July 9, 2011

The 1st and the 4th.

I love Canada . . . and I love America. And it's so convenient that my two favorite countries have celebrations in the same week.

Jake and I celebrated Canada Day early so that we could go to Show-Low for our annual firework vacation on the first, but Canada would have been proud. We were serenaded with the beautiful "O Canada" and then we got our poutine on with Stompin' Tom. It was superb. I love Canada. Oh Canada, my want-to-be home and native land, true patriot love in all thy sons command!!!!! With glowing hearts I see you rise the true north strong and free. I need to live in Canada. Hopefully future Dr. Denham will get accepted into a dental school there. . . that would be awesome!

After we had massive heart attacks from the cholesterol filled gravy-fries-squeaky cheese goodness and recovered from our food coma, we went to Show-Low. The fireworks were canceled around 7 so we went and played at the high school anyway. Around 8 we started heading home again and I fell into a love affair with Holbrook.

Just off the highway, literally, there were fireworks! We decided it was okay that we didn't get to see them in Show-Low because we saw lightning which is the truest firework ever, but then we got to Holbrook. I wish I would have taken a picture because I have NEVER seen anything like that. Imagine a city of cars pulled off the freeway at a random mountain view. . . that's what is was like only on steroids. I loved it and now I have a fading crush on Holbrook. Jake isn't pleased with this because apparently Holbrook is armpitty. . . but I'm okay with that.

Now, lastly, a story about Jacob. My hubs is adopted. It's a fact of life. When we first met he was rocking a goat-tee and he was super dark from just coming out of a summer vacation. Therefore, he looked semi-Hispanic. He always claims he is, but the longer I got to know him, the less Hispanic I could see. . . I talked many times with my mom. She thinks he's got Greek in him or something, but I am all about him being Indian. He looks like he's Arabian! Seriously. So on vacation we had an airsoft war and Jake needed facial protection because the wind was turning our back and belly shots into head shots. . . that being said, witness my Arabian husband. PS. He is totally Aladdin.


The Lucas Gang said...

One of these days I am going to see you when you visit Showlow/Pinetop. Okay. As for Holbrok. Its not all that great. Minus the fact that they have dinos and the Wigwams hotel which is very similar to the one in cars.

Nichole said...

I love your allegiance to Canada!!!