Saturday, April 16, 2011

Being sick means. . .

1. Our house is spotless. Spotless people. You can eat off the bathroom floor, the window sills, the top of the refrigerator--what ever suits your fancy. Moving anything at all will prove that every single inch of the house is scrubbed.

2. I am spotless. When I'm sick I take around a million baths and showers a day.

3. Jake is hungry.

4. I make chicken noodle soup (my mom's is the best, clearly) from scratch.

5. Movies marathons are acceptable. Even dumb movie marathons because we mostly sleep through them.

6. Something important must be happening, or else we wouldn't catch sickness. Example: My best friend/sister's wedding in less than a week.

7. Sleeping in until 11:00 a.m. is fine. Going back to sleep at 2 p.m. is smart. Sleeping till 9 the next day is best.

8. A really bad self-manicure. . . it's hard when you're woozy.

9. Robitussin. Ewwwww.

10. Not having bags under our eyes because when the sickness is gone, we've slept a whole 99.234 hours in a single weekend. It's logical, really.

The only terrible thing about being sick this weekend is that this is the first time I have actually felt warm in Flagstaff. I heard a bird! An actual bird singing today. So exciting! The end.

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Allisa and Nicholas said...

When I am sick the housework is left undone. I leave junk everywhere and sleep in the same outfit for days. I agree with all the other points. But when I am sick I am definitely not cleanly. I hope you get better in time to enjoy the beautiful weather.