Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving Randoms

My brother is the best. Hands down, best brother ever. So when he told us he was doing the Mesa Turkey Trot, I decided that J and I needed to do it too!

We signed up and decided to get ready for it by running, but then we remembered that we have so much school work that running had to be on the back burner. . . weeks passed and then it was Thanksgiving and we were both so not ready!

Morgan, my brother, is so fast. And he does rim to rim to rim hikes at the Grand Canyon for fun. And he did a 24 mile hike and kept saying that it would be fun too. Anyway, he just likes that. He was talking to us the night before about what we needed to pace for a good time, and it was just hilarious because I knew I would do so so bad!

Anyway, so it's the morning of the race and we all meet up. Morgan gave me my new favorite advice ever. He said that because it feels really good to pass people, if you wait to start you'll have a self-esteem boost when you get ahead of others! That was good enough for me! So the race starts, and J and Morgan are both gone. . . gone as in I never, EVER saw them again. They are both so fast.

But so there I was. At the back of the race. And then I passed people. And it was awesome.  Near the end of the race I heard numerous concourses of angels cheering for me and it made my heart feel so great. And then I realized that they weren't cheering for me, but for a little, old man dressed up as Santa. Oh my gosh this old man was passing me! So then and there I decided that as long as I beat Santa, I'd be fine. Luckily I did by pretending that everyone cheering for Santa was cheering for me.

All in all, Turkey Trots are fun and it is so hot in Mesa that I wanted to pass out.

Here is a short list of remarkable people who passed me in the race:
A 10 year old girl.
2 boys who jumped over weeds and hopped all around the whole time. Ages 10-12ish
80 year old grandma. She did the dang thing.
Santa Claus, but I ended up beating him.
A man with a double stroller and no shoes.

Also, my old man and Morgan's oldest daughter did the fun run! They are the best. I love it.

The best part of the race was finished because my sister was waiting at the finish line with my nieces and they were so happy to see me! Oh my gosh. It was great. Morgan and J both said I did great, but Maria was the best.

After the race, we went to our places and cleaned up and prepared for food. It was so crazy but that is a good thing.

We saw The Rise of the Guardians. I liked the Yetis but it was a seriously long movie and my legs were cramping the whole time.

Jake and I saw Skyfall and he loved it. I loved it too but those movies stress me out! I never know what's happening and I get invested in characters so it's quite tiring to watch them!

That's about it. Hooray!


Alyx said...

Ahh, I wish I was good at running. But I hate it.

And we went to see Skyfall one night, but it was sold out. So we didn't see it.

The end.

Allisa said...

You're freaking awesome! You definitely showed Santa who was boss. Farris says she wants you to come play with her.

Anonymous said...

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