Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Confessions

1. Last night we had friends over at 9:30 pm. Usually we go to bed around 10, so around 10:30 J and I got a little slap happy and we all ate way too much candy which caused a sugar frenzy and ended around 1:30 am with the upstairs neighbors (our Elephants) stomping on the floor to tell us to shut up. We don't feel bad, seeing as how their favorite activity is waking us up to their favorite activity, if you get what I mean. Gross, and true.

2. I thought Pitch Perfect was the stupidest movie ever. Not as bad as Country Strong, but a close second. The best parts were Fat Amy, and she wasn't even the star, so Pitch Perfect=lame.

3. I keep seeing people posting things at the state fair and all I can think is, "Since WHEN did the fair become 'cool'!?!?!?" Seriously, for as long as I can remember, driving to the middle of ghetto Phoenix, Arizona was not awesome, but now it's all anyone can talk about. . .I'm all about a good county fair, but seeing all these posts about how awesome the rickety rides are is making me want to go to the fair, but I know better! It's tricking me into wanting something I completely don't!

4. Yesterday there was a spider on our wall. I'm truly not afraid of spiders, but was in the middle of doing something, so I asked J to take care of it. He didn't. Now it's gone. And my ears keep itching. Logic has it that the spider is in my ear.

5. My 23rd anniversary of being born is occurring this Friday. Also, in 4 years, this is the very first time I think J is going to remember on his own. I'm not counting on it, but I've gotten my favorite cereal and wrapped it up. I also wrapped a new shirt for myself. OH! And also, joining every restaurants birthday list is probably on of the better things I've done in my life. I'm wonderfully excited for all the freeness that keep popping up in my inbox!

The end.


Alyx said...

Note to self: do not see Pitch Perfect.
Happy almost birthday!! Mine is next Wednesday! November babies for the win!

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...


The fair is not cool. Not. it smells like animals. gross. indoor animals. its not cool.

granted fried food is cool. like in a "this will make me super fat" kind of way. and in a "is this sanitary" kind of way.