Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rivals on Cherry Street.

J and I have neighbors that dislike us. We don't understand why, but we also seem to have a rivalry. It's really fine; we could care less, but today things got a little crazier than normal!
I was riding my bike home from school. Usually I'll get home around 6:30pm, but today I didn't get out until 7:30. The problem with this is that Flagstaff has these weird street lights that don't shine bright because of the observatory. The other problem with this it that it's completely blacked out on some streets leading in to our apartment.
There I was. Cruising down the pitch black street. No cars were coming so my bike reflector wasn't useful. I thought to myself aloud, "I hope no one shoots out from the library parking lot right now because that would hurt!" The library is right by our house and has a horrible view of the street so we live in constant fear that we're going to get hit right there. Alas, no cars were there since it was so late. I sighed in relief because I made it to the American Legion. They were having a party. . . like always, but I saw no lights! "Hooray!" I thought! I've made it home and then


The neighbors that dislike us were in their car, lights off and mere inches from hitting me! I kid you not! Oh my gosh. I've never been mad at them before, but I imagined a few scenes in my head: 1. I jump off my bike and start hitting their car with my 30 pound backpack and helmet and yelling SLOW DOWN! You are in a parking lot! There's no reason to speed! and 2. They actually hit me (just enough for my bike and me to fall and get scraped). Luckily, neither of these things occurred. In fact, the only thing that happened was me giving them the most evil look I could but it was dark so they probably didn't see it anyway! I mean, how could you with your lights off in Flagstaff!?

*edit* I DID have a bike light on my bicicelta, they just didn't see that either! And it was flashing and everything.

 This has brought our rivalry to a new level!

In other news, J and I are getting our pictures taken! When we got married, we decided we'd do pictures on the even year anniversaries and go places for the odds. We didn't have time in the summer, but now we do and we are  I am so so so so excited. Sarah tends to help us look better than we normally do . . .

I love this picture of us.  We got stuck in a rainstorm after church.


Jacquie Lyman said...

Hahah. I love this.

Nichole Christensen said...

What?! Okay. 1) VERITY! Don't you know that you could DIE at night on your bike if you don't have a light?! Nevermind the fact that it's illegal and the nazi cops in Flagstaff will ticket you for it, YOU COULD DIE and I CANNOT HAVE YOU DYING because then I WOULD DIE TOO!!!!!!!!

2) I forgot what else I was going to say. Please don't die. Wear a helmet. Get lights for your bike.

3) OH!! Tell me who it is. TEXT ME NOW!!!!

Kylie said...

Well, I no longer have a bike because I was hit riding mine on campus! Except it was in broad daylight. So yeah, I totally get your paranoia. It was quite the drama, and involved an ambulance but I was fine :) Good story though...

Can't wait to see your pictures! That's such a good idea :) I wish I could've convinced TJ to do that.