Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday confessional.

I like how people do confession posts and I want to confess truths also.

1. My sunbeams are the best and we rocked at the primary program. We basically stole the show. . .

2. We forgot to pick up our bikes from the shop. They were getting a tune up, and now I have to wake up earlier to walk to class since the shop doesn't open till 9. I'm debating how fast I can walk because I would rather speed walk than wake up earlier than I do right now. I am a fast speed walker. . . even better than Olympians. . . and who knew that speed walking was a real event!? Awkward. But I'd win.
The key is to not bend the knee!

3. I got a new backpack. With the old one we're making 96 hours preparedness bags, and we've already got a few set. The confession here is that I keep eating the beef jerky in them! Why is jerky such a delicious feast!?

4. I hate bacon. That's right! I hate it. This is fairly recent, and it's because I surprised J with some awesome and expensive bacon, then proceeded to make the entire pack and then my house smelt like it for days and it made me nauseous, so I now despise bacon.

5. My workout class is filled with hippies and I am really working on growing my hair out longer so I can be a hippie too. It's my goal to be a Mormon hippie, but I'm still going to eat steak and snowboard on the mountain.

The end.


Ashley said...

Our Primary had their program yesterday as well. I would say the sunbeams definitely stole the show here as well!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you transform to be this Mormon hippie! :-)

Kylie said...

Sunbeams are awesome. And yes, jerky is delicious, but so is bacon! I'm mourning for your loss of love for it. Good luck with the hair-growing. I obviously failed at that. Also, TJ calls me a "mippie," a Mormon-hippie, because I cook quinoa and I like to use natural stuff. You can join my club :)

Sarah Blue said...

What is your definition of a hippie?

Alyx said...

Sunbeams always steal the program... why do they have to be SO DANG CUTE?!?!?!

And I'd eat all the beef jerky, too. they need to make it not so delicious because then we wouldn't have this problem.

Jacquie Lyman said...

It's like... Why is jerky simultaneously such a perfect thing to put in an emergency preparedness kit AND such a delicious, irresistible treat? Why should you have to wait for disaster to hit before you can enjoy that tender, meaty goodness? I'm with you... I'd eat all the jerky too.

Also, I want to be a hippie too. So we're the same, again.

Can't wait til the next time we call you at midnight and ask to sleep on your luxurious blow-up mattress. Maybe next time, we can all have a jerky feast together!!