Saturday, July 14, 2012

Independence Day

Our traditional Independence Day with the Clarks was fantastic! They were able to come up to Flagstaff and spend the night and day with us. We watched a hot dog eating contest, and I decided there is nothing nastier than that, but we are SO doing one next year! We knew that fireworks in the White Mountains would have a chance of not happening since the weather has been so dry, so when Kayla and Kallam extended an invite to witness "fireworks way better than Show-Low" in Winslow,  we absolutely took them up on the offer! Oh. my. goodness. I thought Show-Low was great, but now Show-Low is nothing! Winslow's show was so long that they had an intermission. We almost died of joy. I think we lost our hearing for the night, and the next day I had firework dust-junk in my eye that had me writhing all day, but it was so worth it! Oh my gosh. I just can't even explain them! We love Winslow. Next year we've decided to barbecue there, bring a truck with a  in it to swim, and an air mattress to watch with. The Kruses have forever changed our firework-ing lives!

We love the fourth of July so much!

Michelle and Zack

Hot dog eating contest of awkwardness.
The abnormally large crowd watching the contest.

Happppppy men.

We were so impressed with the sparklers! Michelle and Kayla are babes.
 Oh my gosh. I forgot a story. Michelle, Zack, Jake and I went to the downtown stores to window shop and grab lunch. At one of my favorite stores, there was a KILLER necklace, and I only admired it for a few minutes because we were only window shopping. So we window shop for a few more stores after the one with the necklace, grab lunch and go to a sweet shop for some caramel apples. When I looked into my bag to grab my wallet, the necklace was in my purse. . . staring at me. No bag, no receipt. I had just stolen a necklace and I didn't have any clue how it happened. I was having a nervous breakdown to myself when I looked across a fudge bar and J was LAUGHING HIS FACE OFF! He had purchased it when I was smelling soaps, handed it off to Michelle, who then distracted my by asking how heavy my bag was. . . oh my word. It was the most frightening moment I've experienced in a chocolate shop! Nevetheless, the necklace is flipping awesome. I love its gaudiness and the story makes me love it forever more!

Dingy lighting, FANTASTIC piece


Mike and Esther said...

hahahaha I love how you add that it was the most frightening moment youve experienced in a chocolate chop. haha

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

how fun! i wish i lived in a town like flagstaff.

The Merrills said...

How fun! Haha you seriously made me lol with your comment about the Hot Dog eating contest of awkwardness! It just sounds nasty. And Awkward! Haha let's please play soon!?

Allisa and Nicholas said...

Sounds like an awesome holiday. The 4th is my favorite holiday for sure. Jake that was a pretty intense trick you played. I would have gone crazy thinking I had a blackout or a thefting alter ego.

Kylie said...

I think we'll need to travel to Winslow next year too! That necklace is amazing and what a story. I guess it serves you right for your Anniversary Fool's Day ;)