Sunday, November 18, 2012

Movie/Play Week

This past week we went out for more dates than usual because we did awesome on our school tests and needed to celebrate.

First we went to a local company's showing of Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. That is my most favorite play ever. I love everything about it! Here's the bummer: it wasn't all that great. The actors spoke too quickly, too softly, and too fake-British-accenty for Jake and the friends that came with us to understand a thing! And the production had a weird, loud siren thing and I still cannot figure that one out. The first time I saw the play a few years ago, when Todd would kill people, he'd pull out a red scarf to be the blood but in this one, there was never any indication that people even died. It was sad. But I loved it. I just feel bad for the group that had no idea what was happening!

Then we saw Breaking Dawn: Part 2! It was so fun. We were able to see it earlier than the midnight showing because a local orthodontist rents out theaters for a 6:30 pm showing. We went with the same friends that we went to Sweeny with. Amy and TJ are so fun and we love them, plus they love Yuma, so I like them even more!

Now Jake has a man-date to see Skyfall and I have a woman-date to get our craft on!

In my family, holidays mean movies. I am so so so excited! I cannot wait to see Rise of the Guardians! I mean, seriously. A movie with a tatted up Santa!?!? Done. And the tooth fairy?! Happening. Also, we're dying to see Life of Pi! So fun. Plus, the trailers for The Host were released and I'm so excited for it! I loved the book!

I wish I took more pictures. I'm going to get better at that! 


Whitney said...

Sounds like a fun couple of dates! I have not seen Sweeny Todd or Breaking Dawn Part II yet and I want to see both! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! : )

Kylie said...

I was TJ's woman-date to see Skyfall, and I loved it :)

Allisa said...

I love movies too. I totally went to Breaking Dawn by myself on opening night while Nicholas watched the baby. I need a movie viewing companion. :)