Thursday, June 7, 2012


We LOVE to garden! It's our hobby. Every Monday, Jake would come home from school and tell me this story, but with different people inserted!

 "Today, Nick told me how he went drinking and crap over the weekend. Then he asked me what I did, and guess what I said!? I told him I gardened!"

It always makes me laugh because that really is all we seem to do.

We both come from families with pretty intense gardening backgrounds. Grandma Uchytil has practically her whole backyard  converted into a humongous garden; her berries are the best in the world. Grandma and Grandpa Denham had apple orchards near the cabin before it burnt down, and they could grow rows of corn every summer. Jake's momma's garden is always impressive. She grows potatoes! I didn't even know that was possible, but she somehow does it. My mom and dad are the queen and king of artichokes, tomatoes and types of squash. They have almond trees, and a lot of other really weird things that I can't remember. I subconsciously stop listening sometimes when they tell me about their garden because I'm jealously in awe of their stuff!

So last year, we semi attempted a garden. We got some seedlings, planted a few onions. . . and then we were over it. It snowed right after we transplanted in May and we were so discouraged! This year, however, has been miraculous!

We've got broccoli galore (just ate some today, and it was the best EVER! Mom, you would die at the color green they turned!) Our lettuce is just so sprout-happy so we munch on salads daily. Our onions are the strongest things I've ever had. And our peas are the sweetest peas south of the San Fransisco peaks. Our favorite thing is pruning the garden and watering. In fact, we have to take turns with who gets the water pail (we have no hose. Apartment living in its glory!) and if one person has two days in a row, we usually have to sit down and re-establish sharing. We're hardcore.

We're so happy with the garden, but we know things to keep in mind for next year.
1. We WILL NOT attempt tomatoes. We've been so unsuccessful and we'd rather buy them than be depressed about our babies not growing.
2. Onions, onions, onions! We love them, so next year we're doing 10 times more!
3. Try squash. Our landlord, Jim, told us that it is so easy to grow and we'd get a lot from it. Next year we'll be hoping on the squash bandwagon.
4. More broccoli. It did so well and was so delicious, but we weren't sure how it would do here. Perfect, it turns out!
5. No cabbage. Takes up too much room, and doesn't ball well. We'll stick to lettuce.
6. We gave this year's lettuce too much space. We'll compact them and have more.
7. Plant artichokes earlier.
8. Jake wants to attempt corn. We'll give it a go.
9. Attempting watermelon was our joke this year. It dies, then comes back, and dies and comes back. It's almost as moody as our car.

Don't mind the wild grass growing around the garden. Also, we love love love our mish mash array of pots and planters, so you should love it too. 
The green hanging thing is our make shift compost pile! You can see the broccoli and the lettuce here.
J's attempt at watermelon in the gray pot and bucket! HA! Also, notice our super lame tomatoes.

Broccoli and Peas!

Artichokes, green onions, and cilantro.


Mike and Esther said...

That is so cool! I've been wanting to start gardening! When I do, I must ask for your advice.

Faith Peacock said...

I totally fail at gardening. My uncle is this member of some group called exotic fruit growers and can literally grow anything. His front and backyards are unreal. We joke that he has to green hands not just green thumbs.

Good for you guys! I'm glad gardening works out so well for you. I hear it's a great hobby to have. Jealous.

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Oh my goodness, can you please come work in my yard? We have the hardest time trying to make time to work in the yard. And my husband and I aren't big fans of it. I wish I was because I can appreciate an awesome yard!