Friday, June 1, 2012

Pre-Anniversary Date

Since J and I will both be doing full time summer school courses, we (I) decided to have a pre-day date! Our anniversary is on Father's Day, and we would rather study for the classes we paid $6,000 for! So what did we do??


Sunsplash is only the best waterpark in the state of Arizona. While they don't have the best wave pool (props to Big Surf!), they have the half-pipe slide and new toilet bowl slides, plus the cool slide that pushes you upward...if that doesn't make sense, you need to get yourself to Sunsplash, asap. 

I have no pictures whatsoever, but we spent Memorial Day at Sunsplash and it was only the funnest thing ever! The lines were short, the water was cold, the sun was out, and with the help of frequent applications of SPF 75, no was just perfect!

I did get upset with J, though. He was scared too cool to go on my favorite slide which is like a half-pipe and so we didn't go on it, but I got over it when he tried swimming in the wave pool. He's so cool and floats vertically because he doesn't really know how to float horizontally.

All in all, it was so fun! We got to visit some friends that we miss more than Costa Vida and Pete's , which is A LOT.  And we also got to grow insane jealousy towards my parents for having the most incredibly fruitful garden ever.

To top it off, while driving home on Wednesday, the body shop called for Camy and she finally got her appointment to get plastic surgery and a paint job. We couldn't be more thrilled. Hooray for not driving without a bumper!

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