Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating two of my favorite guys!

Today is Father's Day and while mine is the absolute best for me, it's also my and J's second anniversary!

When we were planning the wedding, it never even occurred to me that these two fantastic days would come together every once in a while! I didn't even realize it until the week we actually got married.

My dad is such a fantastic man. I love his kindness. At times when nothing could calm me down, my dad had the ability to feel my need for him. All he'd have to do is sit by me and I'd instantly feel so much better. To this day when I find myself stressing, he always seems to pick up the phone when I call to tell me to just breathe and that everything will work out. I love his example to me.
We like to groove. 

We're strange but we love it.

Jacob is the best. I love being married to him and I love that we have such randomly strange adventures. I love that he likes to serve. I love his joy at seeing the tomato we happened to sprout. I love how he finds simplicity in such a complicated life. I love that he buys the stuff for me to make cheesecake and that he doesn't mind letting me have more than half of it to myself. He is kind and patient and he is really great at jumping things on his bike!

See the similarity? Still boogying!


Carissa said...

Love this. And love your dress. And the sexy beast wearing it ;)

Carissa said...
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