Wednesday, May 16, 2012

March Update

 These past few months went by so so so quickly, and school was overwhelming (something always is, right!?) so now that we have a month of summer and no new TV shows, blogging has a place in my life again!

In March, J and I drove to Colorado to visit my sister Bear and her family. They moved there a year-ish ago and we miss the heck out of them. Her husband Josh is in the military so we hadn't seen him forever since he had boot camp and training before they moved! We also have love affairs with their two boys, and we both were in desperate need of some slobbery kisses from them. So, 18 hours driving and 6 in a hotel in New Mexico later, we were on base and reunited with our Roller family!!!! We love the stink out of them. We explored the base, took walks to the mail box, and got lost coming home from church and it was so fun! We also got our exercise on daily by playing Wii, which J is now heavily addicted to. We want one so bad just to play tennis all day! I didn't get many pictures of the outing, so I'm stealing them from Bear, but the few I do personally have are hilarious enough to make me cry when I look at them! All of the pictures I snatched from my sister can be seen here!!

We like each other, he just is a model for the camera!
Getting his very first haircut!
He's so blonde!!!
He just didn't know how he felt about this!!
Curtis, happy, before he realized he was getting a haircut!
He's such a hide-er!
I was outside and he wanted outside!!!! This makes us laugh so hard!!

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