Thursday, May 17, 2012

April Fun

We seem to get random snow in April. It's deceiving though; one minute it'll be bright and sunny, and the next thing you know, you're scraping ice off your windows! When we woke up to a world of snow a few weeks before finals, we knew we needed to get our sled-on! No pictures of that; it was too rugged and adventurous to bring a camera. I would have lost it, I'm sure.

Outside our front door is a wall separating parking from the walkway, and we had so much snow that we would jump off the wall, do a 360 degree turn in the air, and land in the snow! It was scary at first, but after we got used to it, the scary part was watching J jump from the top of stairs. I know now that our kids will follow in the Ellsworth family tradition of getting stitches before the age of 2!

This is just from the separation wall and was the first jump. 
Sooooo fun, but weird watching someone jump and fall with their back to the ground!

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