Saturday, May 19, 2012

Six Flags

We took a trip to California with our amazing friends, Kayla and Kallam. They are so jazzy and just have the swellest names ever. Kay-luh and Kay-lum. It's just my favorite thing ever. We got a great discount on tickets -go online before ever buying full price tickets, my friends!- and Kayla found a steal of a deal on a hotel, plus with us needing some heat, we were all for it!

We left Friday when Kayla was finished being a grown up (going to work). Within 45-60 minutes of driving, we got pulled over! So fun! But alas, the officer was kind to J and let us go with a warning! Woot woot!

We got in to Barstow and had ourselves some Denny's where we were the minority. We drove into LA to witness some beautiful bumper to bumper traffic at MIDNIGHT! Seriously, so late, but so many cars. Cali, you are one weird place!

When we got to our hotel, we saw a nice stripper-looking girl and her boy. Random, but still.

On Saturday morning, we ate at the hotel and then got our sunblock on, our directions out and our adventure going! We got to the park a bit before 10:30 am, so we had a bit of waiting to do. Before the park even opened, there was a line for the women's restroom! It was so wonderful!

J and I went on so many fun rides! We didn't do nearly as many as the K&K because we're wusses, but we took a nap in some grass and it was perfect! We also collected money at the park. . . pennies mostly, but silver dollars and quarters every once in a while! I got some great photos of Kayla, Kallam and J on the Tatsu. I was too woozy to go on it, but I made friends with a 5000000 pound man who couldn't fit on the rides and we talked about food, California and TV shows, so it was great company! Kayla and J like the Tatsu the most, so I'm glad I got the random pictures that I did.

I learned things about myself on this trip. One, I just am too wussy for roller coasters. I get all lightheaded and weird.Hopefully Disneyland isn't too intense for me, or I'll be so sad. Two. I can talk to anyone! I always thought my old man was so crazy for being able to talk to anyone about anything, but I realized I have his skill! I'm so happy about that.

All in all, we had such a good time! We were able to spend time together doing nothing school-wise, and we were able to spend time with our friends that we love so it was just swell!

That said, I don't ever want to go on a roller coaster again! I got that allllll out of my system!

J is on there somewhere. I'm super proud that I thought of taking this!

We like to wait for rides when it's humid and sunny.


Carissa said...

Fun stuff! You're so gifted to have that ability to talk to people, I'm a little jealous. Don't worry too much about Disneyland, there is SO much more than roller coasters there. Glad you had fun:)

Anonymous said...

Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.