Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poor, poor Camy.

Our Toyota Camry is named Camy. Camy is a new girl on the block, but she's so sensitive. Last summer, some roofing flew onto her back and side and she needed a whole new wardrobe of grey-sparkle paint to get her groove back on. This summer has been no less of a trying time for her.

We were on our way to California with our friends, the Kruses. We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain for a quick weekend trip and it was so fun, but more on that later. Anyhoo. On the way there, maybe 45 minutes into driving, J got pulled over! He was speeding on the highway and a copper was hiding behind a mountain and caught him! J definitely has a lead toe, so no one was surprised, but when the police officer let us off with a warning, we were all so happy!!!!

Fast forward 3 days and we're on our way back home to good, old Flaggy. We had just gotten out of Kingman, Arizona. All of a sudden, my face started tickling from the car vibrating. I mentioned it to everyone, and we all stopped again to take notice of Camy freaking out. Not even minutes later, she blew a tire! It sounded like gravel and rocks were hitting the under carriage of the car, and cars behind us were swerving out of the way to avoid a collision, all the while J is trying his best to not drive into a ditch and maintain control of naughty Camy!

We pulled over safely (good job, J!) and the news was SOOO bad. When the tire popped, it somehow ripped up through the back bumper, causing it to literally tear! Like PAPER, people! It scruffed up the paint job on the door, the light and the whole back, but then when we were getting out the spare, we noticed that the tire had punctured a hole right through the trunk! It was so bizarre!

Luckily, we all were safe. Luckily, Kallam was in the car to help calm angry J down. Everything just really worked out for our good on that trip. Even with the insurance too! Since Camy's only 3 years old, her tires were under warranty so we'll get that taken care of and it'll only take 4 days for Camy's plastic surgery to finish! Hopefully, with new tires and a new wardrobe (again) and some plastic surgery for her tooshy, she'll feel good enough and stop being so moody!

The tire that had had enough!

Kayla is a broken bumper model! She's such a babe.

Kallam and J discussing how naughty Camy is!

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