Monday, June 30, 2014

Month 3.

New nicknames: Jake has been calling Gwennie, "Fritz." Initially, I hated this because we once had a dog named Fritz and he died! Then I remembered that I don't care and it's cute. HA!

Favorite activities: Laying on the grass and having her face feel the wind. Nothing brings more smiles!

Favorite songs: ABC's, I'm a Little Teapot, 123's, Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, Jesus Loves Me (I first heard this on 19 and Counting with the Duggar family, and then my friend Rachel taught it to me!)

Gwen's learned to yell. Today she was a little car alarm for us. I was pumping, and Jake went to the bathroom and she just shouted, "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" It was hilarious. I told her to yell again, and she immediately said it again! Her personality is just sweet. She has the best temperament.

Mini and Lambie aren't friends anymore. It was a swift and gentle breakup. We've tried to reunite them, but no luck. Some relationships just don't last.

Gwen's too chunky monkey to wear 3 month clothes. We've officially busted out the 6 month gear, and she is so happy to not be squished into clothes. She's learning that wearing your size is more important than the size number you wear. ;)

Mini's appetite is so crazy. Sometimes she'll scarf down an entire bottle (5oz) and then still be hungry, and she'll eat another one! On other meals, she'll be content with 3 oz. It's really bizarre, but oh well.

 We are in the midst of teething. This is fun for me, and sad for Gwennie. We learn in school that teeth begin to erupt at 6 months, plus or minus 2 months. Gwen has swollen gums, a drooly face, and some hard spots on her lower gums--all pointing to teething. Luckily, she has been a happy camper throughout it all. She loves to gnaw on fingers and Silky. Silky's are her mini blankies that are so so so soft. . . and silky.

Gwen is best friends with her cousin Ridge. She likes him and sometimes talks to him, but mostly she'll just poke and prod him.

Her nails are growing with a vengeance. Every time we clip or file her nails, they come back faster and thicker than before!

She loves to help with kitchen stuff. I'll put her in the carrier and then make breakfast or cookies and she is SO interested!

She was having too much fun kicking to be still for even a second.

Just talking. She has a lot to say, go figure!

Talking again!

More conversation.


I love bows on her. Also, if she sees the camera, she stops smiling. Hence, the angle.

Going on a walk!


First time in the grass. She is thinking, "What is this poky stuff???"

Ridge was saying something crazy.

Earring and Lambie, pre-breakup.

Showing off some skin.

Milkie coma on the way to Pinetop.

Crazy hair days!

She has great self image.

Playing with Baby Will. They are friends.

Gwen stares at Jake like this the entire bath long. She LOVES him, and she LOVES bathtime.

She put herself to sleep at lunch with some friends.

I snuck this during a nap. Her hands escaped the swaddle, and were holding on to the edge of the blankie!

She's introducing Ridge to us. . . "This is Ridge, Mom."
We love Gwennie more and more every second. 


Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

She is SOOOO adorable. You make a cute baby, miss. ;)

Jacquie Lyman said...

Oh my goshhhhhh. I love her.