Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Irrational Fears.

Remember the time I mentioned my irrational fears? Here, here, and here? Well. I have more. I am frightened of lakes. I haven't ever played in a lake that I remember, but I've hiked in enough places to know that lakes exist in canyons. Canyons are deep. And they have weird rock formations that things can get stuck under. Also, there have got to be bodies in lakes. . . they're too deep to not have dead people in them. I really want to go play at a lake, but I'm afraid of Inferi waking from their slumber and eating me. I'm serious. Also, what if water from the lake got in my mouth? I'd be eating flesh skin cells, and people's urine and defecation. . . that freaks me out.

The end.


Kylie Pond said...

Lakes weird me out too, mostly because I can feel things I can't see, like seaweed. On the plus side, Lake Mary is not in a canyon and is not very deep, so there probably aren't any dead bodies in it. Good luck! :)

Nichole Christensen said...

Lakes are the BEST! But to be completely honest, I haven't actually swam in one since high school. And growing up 30 minutes from a lake meant that I was swimming in the lake ALL summer long. It was glorious. You need to do it! Still water swimming is way better than crazy waves ocean swimming.

Caroline Bingham said...

Lakes and ponds are our swimming pools here. And if there WERE bodies, the fish would eat them, so no worries.