Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Jacob is a graduate!!!

 Jake graduated!!

We came up to Flagstaff for him to get a science major for dental school in January 2011 and he finished his degree December 2013!

His actual major is seriously a mouthful. He graduated with a bachelors of science in biological science with a major in biomedical science and a minor in chemistry. Whew! When we were getting his announcements set up, he opted to go for a simpler way of stating it, but I like the way that long title sounds!

We had a fiesta for him prior to the commencement ceremony, and it was a blast. Once again, I have no pictures. Friends and family from out of town made the long drive to watch him walk, and it was definitely one of the best things I've ever watched happen in my life. I am so proud of him. He worked so hard and he studied so much. He has put in so many all nighters and he got his first gray hair, but it was so worth it!

His plan now is graduate school. We originally wanted him to apply for dental school while I was still in my hygiene program, and if he got in his first round, he and I would live apart for one year while he starts dental school and I finish dental hygiene. We realized that that wouldn't work for us and would, in fact, really suck! Plus, now with Mini coming, there is no way we could be apart.

He was accepted at ASU and NAU for biology and got "teaching" positions at both, and A.T. Still for public health. After a lot of decision making and praying, he decided to go with A.T. Still. He's been on the campus numerous times and talked with students in the dental school, and each time he speaks with current students they told him that they'd done a semester of public health prior to applying to the dental school. He's done so much work in the community (and A.T. Still lovesss that) and his GPA is over what they're asking for, so we feel like he has a good chance, and already being a student boosts him a little.

This is after his very last final of undergrad! It's blurry because it was 8 am and we had just had an epic dance party celebration.
 He is applying for dental schools this round, and he's planning on applying to any and every school he qualifies for. Applications aren't due for quite some time, but Jake's getting an early lead. It's so exciting!

This is before he had seen me! I love it so much! I was shouting his name forever!!!

He finally saw me!

Ashley and Jake have been in so many classes together! We love her!

We will always love Katrina Rawr! She also was in a million classes with J!

Walt, Vonnie and Becky all drove more than 2.5 hours to celebrate with us!

Jake had walked and wanted to leave. This is right before he left to "go to the bathroom."

He's so happy!

All of our smiles look forced, and I don't know why! We love my family!


Justin is one of Jake's best friends, and he came up from Mesa to celebrate! We love you!

I'm slouching. My orange bag had so much stuff in it!

The wind and snow were making his garb all funky!

He is so fancy!

Laughing like fools because it's graduation!

Jacob will always be a lumberjack!


Katie Seigfried said...

Yay for graduating! Congrats to him! I'm glad you guys were able to make things work not to live apart--definitely no fun, especially with baby on the way! So proud of all his hard work and excited for you guys to be cute dental people! :)

Nichole Christensen said...

I feel like you are both my children and I am watching you grow up into beautiful mature adults. Don't be offended by that statement. It just means that I love you both to pieces. By the way, you are FOXY in that blue dress!!!