Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Graduation Celebration

Jake wanted to go to a Sun's ball game to celebrate graduation. We love supporting the Sun's, so we found the tickets for the soonest game, and headed down to Phoenix.

We left for Mesa the day after graduation. We slept in and began the drive after a nice and long lazy morning. When we got in, we did our routine of In N Out. No shame.

Some close friends were going to be sealed in the Mesa temple, and the invited us to attend! We loved being able to watch their sealing! And we got Pete's after. . . we didn't even stay to talk to anyone because I was starving from doing a session right before and not having any snacks to munch on! ha!

The basketball game was great! We had fantastic seats---because when your man graduates and wants to see a game, you go big! So we had great seats and could see sweat dripping off the players faces. We saw Mark Cuban, and if you know us, you know that's a big deal. One of our Sunday traditions is to eat lunch while watching "Shark Tank." Mark is a bajillionaire that we love from the show. When we saw him, I seriously didn't think he was himself because his jeans fit so poorly! You'd think a richie would have super fancy jeans, but he's just a normal dude. It was fun!

 At the games, Jake and I always look forward to the contests! There's a certain one that gives one person in the arena the chance to shoot from the free throw line for $777.00, the three point line for $7,777.00 or half court for $77,777.00! We love it, but hate it because the knuckle heads always try to make it from the half court shot. So this time the guy down to the court. I'm yelling at J (because that contest makes fans go nuts!) telling him, "I hope he makes it!" We always want the person to make it. So the guy chooses the three point shot! So then the whole crowd is going even crazier because this guy actually has a shot! And then he grabs the ball, lines up, and shoots. . . . and he makes it! The arena went crazy!!!!!!! Jake and I were jumping up and down and hugging because this random guy made the shot! I've been to several games with Jake now, and that was the best thing I have ever seen at a game! It was awesome. I'm laughing just thinking about it! It seriously was wild! We talk about it all the time!

We had to go home right after the game so Jake could speak in church the next day. It was a great trip to celebrate Jake! He told me later that that was definitely a favorite trip because everything we did was to celebrate him! It was great!
We have a problem.
He loves this place so much!

Next time we go, we're getting onion rings.

Oh heyyyy, Mark! You're rich!

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Kylie said...

Yay for Pete's and Mark Cuban!