Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I love Thanksgiving. It's worked out for us the past 3-4 years to see both families, and this year was no exception! We especially loved having the break this year. Thanksgiving was later than usual, so school had dragged on like melting glass! We welcomed that break with open arms (and bellies!)

We started the trip off by leaving Flagstaff on Wednesday afternoon. We stopped at the Anthem Outlets (it's a routine. Phoenix = outlet shopping, plus they have the best bathroom!) and looked around at Nike and Columbia. Those are our favorites, so we have to stop every time.

Another routine we have when traveling to Mesa is stopping at the In N Out burger in Anthem. We tend to not eat before the trip so that when we get to town, we have ample room for burgers and fries!

When we finally got to my parent's house, I realized I had completely misunderstood my mom! She had given out assignments and we were supposed to be in charge of the sweet potatoes. For some reason, I had it in my mind that the sweet potatoes that I was assigned would be purchased already at the house. Wrong! Luckily, my mom wasn't deterred by me and those sweet potatoes got done! Next time I will not fail!

The day of Thanksgiving panned out with us going to the Uchytil lunch at noonish with pies (that I didn't forget about!haha!). Roxanne always goes 110% with that lunch, and she makes up the best and funniest games ever! Everyone ate as much as possible, and then we started the funtivities! Sadly, I don't have many pictures, and the ones I have are taken by Jake, meaning that I have no idea where they are! I seriously need to get better with taking pictures!

After an afternoon of games, we headed over to my side of the family for dinner. I'm a lover of home cooked food by mom, so I was in HEAVEN. The weather was perfect, so we ate in the backyard and had the cutest, fancy name plates done by my nieces, and possibly a nephew or two.

Somewhere mixed in to this trip was a family outing to see "Frozen" and a guy's golf trip! I'm soooooo thankful I at least have pictures of the boys before golfing because that sight was just magical!

Everything about this is incredible! I love my golfing family!

My mom also spoiled the heck out of me and Mini! She took me shopping for fabrics to make quilts. It was a process, but we eventually found everything, and I'm thrilled about the fabric. I made a quilt in high school that turned out WAY pinker than I expected, so with this collection I really wanted to stay away from too much of any one color, and we found the perfect piece! I look at it every day, and I love it more and more! I haven't started cutting yet because I can't decide what kind of quilt I want to do. So many choices, so little time. . . seriously.

I love this. I love this so so so so much.

We were gifted a crib from a woman in my ward! Angela's kids had all used it, and when she found out we were expecting, she offered it to us! We graciously accepted it, and then realized we might not have room for a crib in our apartment. We loaded it into our car to take to my parents for safe keeping. While there, we wanted to go to Ikea because I assumed they had small cribs since everything else they sell is miniature sized. Surprise! Their cribs were the same size as the one from Angela. After coming home, we got the crib out of the storage shed and my dad and Jake got to work. Dad filled and redrilled all the holes for screws, and Jake has been sanding the heck out of that sucker! The crib was gorgeous to begin with, but it's going to sparkle when we're through with it!
Before going to Mesa! That's the crib behind us.

Our Thanksgiving trip ended too soon, but we were glad to get back home to Flagstaff. We love love love seeing family, but there is nothing like being in your own bed!

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