Tuesday, March 26, 2013


As one of my part time jobs, I nanny three kids. All of them are in school, so a lot of my time with them is spent driving around to cheer, swim, and everywhere in between. Since J and I have been married, I've always had a calling in primary. . . I just am always surrounded by children.

One thing that I've noticed more than anything throughout my time as a primary teacher and nannying is that God loves his children.

The kids I nanny had a deal with me: if I got in to my program at school, I'd buy us all ice cream. Lo and behold, we went out to get some from Baskin Robbins. (Also, they all high fived me, and getting in the program was worth their high fives.) Next to the BR is a gas station. No big deal. In the same day, we also had to cross the train tracks a few times to make our normal drops at sports. When I got home from the day, I, uncharacteristically, watched the local news on my computer. Minutes after we'd all left the ice cream place, an armed robbery took place at the gas station a ten second walk away. A train had a malfunctioning horn and wasn't able to blare it at a person in the way. . . all of these things happened in our normal spots! I can't even imagine if the kids would've seen or experienced any of that. God loves his little children enough to help us eat a bit quicker than normal, and to drive with less traffic, with all green lights. It is no surprise to me that we were able to have a perfectly normal afternoon together.

In regards to my church classes: the kids understand things that I can't even comprehend. They love God, and it is clear that he loves them. Every week, we have a question for every one to answer. Usually we pick something like "What's your favorite cereal?" or favorite thing to do at the park, but the other day we talked about the saddest things that we can remember. We heard all about when someone's favorite dog got old and died, to hearing about cousins who experience hard lives due to addictions. I remember being in Sunday school and learning about things that seem so much simpler than the things that today's children are exposed to. In the short time we've been together (since January) I've learned that those kid's are getting prepared. God is preparing them for what they have to conquer.

It's just amazing to me to actually see the love God has for children-- and with that, the trust he has in us as parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, and friends to watch over and assist them.


Kylie said...

I love this post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

jacquiegirl said...

I am so happy that you are blogging again! And I LOVE this post! I was literally JUST thinking about this the other day. We teach primary too, in our ward, and I am always so amazed by their sweet spirits! They end up teaching us a thing or two each week. Such a sweet post!

Alyx said...

Love this. It's so true, and holy cow am I glad it is!!