Sunday, March 31, 2013


Since we're going to be in this apartment for another two years, we decided we had had enough of our sink! It was super short, with no space for anything on the side. Our toothbrushes constantly fell off the ledge, and it was driving us nuts.

We were on our way to a movie, but then realized the one we wanted to see had naked people in it, so we went to our hangout instead. Our friends at Home Depot love us. Just kidding. But we went to Home Depot and on our way out, we saw this magical sink. We knew, then and there, that we would be a happy family together. We found the color of fake wood we wanted, and found the cheapest faucet, and we were set!

We went from this:
Don't you love our pink bath!?

Our Shorty, and not in a good way.

To this! Voila!

Oooooh!!! Aaaaah!!!!

Hooray for tall sinks and tall people!
Because it's a solid object, I'm feeling like our bathroom is so much smaller, but it's really not! We're so happy. And the mirror isn't even, but we don't care. Also, a baby couldn't have a bath in the sink, but we have a tub and a good kitchen sink, so we figured it was okay! Hooray! Hooray to the tall sink!


Ali Mills said...

A baby!? Is there an annoucnement happening here?? ;)

The Denham Duo said...

No no no no no!!! hahah! I meant that for future residents in our place!!! hahah!

Mary said...

Uuuh, are you supposed to be doing home improvements in your apartment? Or do you plan on taking your bathroom sink with you when you move?

Anonymous said...

It looks very nice. Good DIY skills.
love mce

Kylie said...

That looks awesome! I WISH we could upgrade our's falling off the wall and I hate using clear plastic drawers for storage. Oh apartment-dwelling!

Katie Seigfried said...

Oh it looks great! I'm jealous!