Friday, March 29, 2013

Jacob and his broken chain.

Jake and I went for a bike ride in Sedona. We had only gotten a little more than 3 miles when POP! J's chain snapped. At first, I thought it had just come off, so I kept riding and told him to catch up. . . and that's when I heard him shout my name to come back!

When I got back to him, this is what I saw.
Broken chain, sad day. 

I couldn't help but laugh! We'd planned this ride for a week, and we were both so glad it happened as early as it did, or else we would've been a long walk back to the car.

When we'd get to a downgrade, J would ride down on one pedal. He'd get as far as he could up, and then hop off till the next hill.

At one point, we had him push start, and then I would come up from the back, he'd grab on to me, and I'd pull as hard and fast as possible. It was just hilarious. I'm sure all of the other bikers were ticked at us!
I love him. He was trying to use a skinny rock to fix the chain. Verdict:unsuccessful.

It doesn't look it, but this steep and pebbly mountain was i.n.s.a.n.e.

Courthouse Butte, Sedona

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Mary said...

mountain biking scares the bajeezes out of me, I crash every time...but it's so fun!