Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lately I've. . .

. . been busy watching all the episodes of The Hills! It's dramatic and I lovess it. I also love that winter is ending. Amen amen amen. I have had it with the whole my-feet-are-cold-at-six-in-the-morning!

School is kicking me in the toosh!!! I have full time night classes so that I can work full day time, but these classes are seriously hard work! oooooh Most annoying thing??? Internet classes. Oh brother! Let me say this about internet classes. I GO to school so I don't have to do internet coursework! Alas, it's just my luck to be enrolled in two classes requiring internet work. Hi, my name is Verity and I can't figure out No big deal, it's only a quarter of my grade. Response: Hey, I'm your grade of 'C.' Nice meeting you. See ya on your report! Oooohheccckkkkno.

Mishmash. Next week is Valentine's Day! I went out on a super hot date with that boyfriend of mine. Jake is super cool because he loves A1 sauce just as much as me! I l.o.v.e. A1. Best birthday present, best housewarming present. . . its grade is as high as you can get AND it's number one! I gladly welcome A1 onto most of my food. --Back to my date izzle. So Jake and I went on our unsaid Valentine's Day dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We're very tough critics of our steak. In the words of Jake, "Outback has the best steak, but Texas has all the best accessories." It's so crazy to me that we know this factor but 329 people DON'T know this. We waited for an hour. A party of two! Parties of 12 were seated minutes after they came! It was good, we are fast people anyway! Nevertheless, dinner was fantabulous! I ordered my favorite steak, a delicious sweet potato and my new favorite way to get full fast, a salad with ranch! I was converted to this when Jake ordered a salad with ranch a whole year ago! I used to disgust ranch, but Texas. . . they know what they're doing! So we ate our peanuts, our sweet rolls, sipped on out super strawberry lemonades and got outta there in record time! We went to our favorite redbox and went back to my house. Our movie dropped f-bombs like it was as normal as saying A1, so we passed on it and watched a movie with MerryDeath and our friend who cannot drive legally, Karie! Their movie was way, way better and plus they bought tons of candy and let Jake and I stuff our full little mouths with it! It was super!! I just realized that I said super a lot, but psh. Super is a fantastic word so I feel great about using it to the maximum!

Now, today, is the superbowl. MerryDeath's birthday usually hosts the superbowl party, but the game is later this year. The NFL wanted her to have her very own 22nd birthday! They're so good to us! We always have a big family party, but this year alone we cut out 15 people! It's smaller, but who doesn't love an opportunity to each that much more!?

So back to weather, even though I am a summer person, I really did enjoy this winter. Mostly because it involved a few nights of hot chocolate, warm fires, old school kickbacks, and a new pair of flats. Be that as it may, I am easily ready to enjoy some things! Swimming, blonder hair, bronzed skin, shorts and sandals, bright colors on my toes. . . and come to think of it, SPRING BREAK, the end of school, and Disneyland. . . Say yes to dehydration!!!!


Seneca said...

I love you. I too am so stoked for summah! I need to get my tan on. Online courses=hell. :D yah I said it, I dislike them that much.

Seneca said...

I am commenting twice because I just have to say the word verification word I had to use on my last comment was LOVALA! Uh is it just me or is that a cool word?! I'm gonna use it now. You can too. It means 'to say holla to your lover.'

Natalie said...

haha you're adorable