Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wedding Bells and School Bells. . .

. . .are constantly in my head. Tsk tsk, this is not beneficial to any part of my education nor my actual relationships. The only constant thought in my head is, "Huh, I wonder why I hate my computer class so much!" Then I remember why and get back to life.

Back to bells ringing, I have a quarter jar that seriously has like. . a thousand quarters in it! I'm too busy (lazy) to count them out but I would easily guess that there are a thousand. The jar is as big as a little jam jar too so it's pretty legitimate.

Lately I really love purple avojuice, my quarters, my Christmas Presence senting candle and still mi diccionario de espanol y ingles. They bring me great joy.

This blog is random because I'm waiting to do homework while something for the dumb comp class flipping downloads! Curse you, comp.


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JohnnyMartin said...


I'm writing to make an apology to you. You see, I am Jonathan, the one they made fun of on the MBP. I'm writing each person who ridiculed me in turn to apologize. I made a promise I would do it, and here I am. Its so late, because I only found out late. So sorry for that.

I am sorry that you had to see me use the term ass hat. Its just part of my colorful vernacular. Unfortunately, you had to see the MBP get upset about it, and then defame me). So I apologize you had to see me in that light.

I will say however, I never posted anonymously. They are applying someone else to me. I did tweet the comment when they defamed a friend of mine. But when they came after me months later... I wasn't happy.

So I apologize for my words and my actions.