Saturday, February 27, 2010

I feel so. . .

. . . embarrassed when I look through people's facebook photos.

Not because I feel badly for "stalking" or because I think people are

cuter than me or anything like that, but because it is ALARMING

to me that nowadays, young women are trying to look like pubescent

boys and that young, supposedly-stalwart men are trying to look like


Maybe I'm crazy-- it's very true that i've never been in fashion, but I

have ALWAYS had style. My mom taught me that "it is more imporant

to have style than to be fashionable." Perfect lesson for preparing for

junior high and high school. I knew my best features, and I knew the

ones I had to work on. IE, I always have lo.v.e.d. my back (thank

you, 17 years of swimming!) and I've always tried to hide my unusally

large feet. By the way, i'm very proud of my size 11 feet-- i'm tall enough

to look grand and I can still find remarkable high heels.


What I do not understand is why in the world are the youth of this world

so deeply pressured to dress like their opposite gender! Holy moly!

A lesson we learn about ourselves through hell school is to be proud of who

we are, what we can become and what we can do!

But then you get on facebook and you see these young men with peirceddddd earssssss.


Doood! I totally went to high school with this kid! He's two years younger than me. Wanna know how he got he's ears peirced? He went on a vacation and while he was gone with some girl, she paid for him to get both ears done.

Now, we'll talk about the fetcher girl that supported this chaos in a minute, but I want to further expound. A lot of boys in my graduating year went and peirced their womanly man ears after walking in graduation.

Savvy, no. These boys all were preparing for missions! Apparently, they "doubted not that their mothers knew it" but I'm sure that those boys got a beating! Now. I have my ears peirced, but I'm a girl. Equally as amazing, it's kinda expensive to have it done!

So the boys are spending money they should be spending on food and oakleys on EARRINGS! I feel so embarrassed for these boys trying to look more feminine.

On to the young women.

Dear girls,

It's understandable to not know how to dress for your body type, but truly you have no mind when you are spending hundreds of dollars on "menswear."

Menswear: (pronounced mehn * z * wayr) noun- clothing option; adj- baggy, mens like clothing that women like to wear for odd reasons. Origin- stupidity in Hollywood.

Girls aren't naturally happy with their bodies. It takes a long time for a young women to grow into the mindframe in which she learns to love herself.

I understand fashion. I am a hairstylist and it is NECESSARY for me to keep up with trends, no matter how absurd they be. HOWEVER. I would rather color a woman's head of level 1, b.l.a.c.k. hair to platinum blonde than to see another pair of slouchy trousers, baggy and hole-ey jeans, oversized tee shirts and dirty skin. . . and from a level 1 to a level 10 is puh-retty tough.

Girls need to be proud! In no way am I supporting cleavage, bare tum-tums and bum-bums, jeans so tight I can see you VPL and shirts so skimpy I can see you leopard-print bra.


Fitted, tailored, beautiful pieces of unique and affordable clothing are just as available as your brother's boxer shorts. So what do you pick? Boxers, or style?

Just because trends are "in" doesn't mean they are "in to stay." Welcome, personal style. Ecletic, funky, classy, bohemian. . . or boyish?

Basically, I'm going to get back to stalking now and I can guarantee that I'm going to be embarrassed a whole lot more.

I love boys that try to be girls and girl striving to be able to wear boyish clothes.

Oh to be young and high schoolish again.


sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

OH MY GOSH! that drives me crazy too! like when you watch What Not to Wear... and see those beautiful women in HUGE clothes and stuff.. ugh. it's like they're saying God wasted his time on them. which is never ever true. sigh.. and them emo boys with their hair all long and wearing eyeliner and crap. but also speaking of What Not to Wear... the hairstylist that always wore full on make-up and seriously TRIES to be a girl... eww.. people... :/

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAHA Verity I about died laughing! You should do a fashion vs. style seminar for young adults. Or maybe high schools could pay you for Freshman orientations!