Monday, January 18, 2010


-i never-
took a dance class
learned to mastered the piano
have been in fashion
liked really cloudy, glum days
learned to cook delicious meals
went on an adventure after high school
mastered my handwriting to a "tee"
was popular
like Twilight (i see the movies, i'm just a movie kind of gal!)
watch scary movies and enjoy them
swam fast enough to be able to score sweet scholarships
aspired to be famous, rich, or beautiful
got a summer vacation after may 2008

~instead i~
taught myself all the greatest dance know the YMCA?
learned how to play all my favorite hymns because who cares about the other ones :)
have ALWAYS had my own style
love and appreciate the sun and all it has to offer my happy heart
watched my mom and learned all her secrets to take to my own family someday
went to beauty school so i can support my fh (future hubby) while he schools it up
learned how to scribble legibly so i can copy the best quotes
knew everyone and always had friends
two words: harry potter
stayed up till midnight under forts watching disney
learned how to swim so my babies will be little frogs and fishes and mermaids
decided i already was beautiful and rich and famous could wait till forever
made my weekends count, my weeknights worth it and my school days glamorous

and i think i turned out just fine.


Sarah Blue said...

I think you turned out just fine too. :)

The 231 Girls. said...

This is awesome and kind of inspiring, actually...