Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bed Bugs

One of my very best friends that I met in my ward growing up just got married! Actually, it was like two months ago. . . Anyways! So she lived up in Utah because she went to BYU and when she came back down to Air to the Zone-ah, she had these weird lumpy things on her arms! I asked her what they were and EVER SO SILENTLY she said, "Verity, I have bed bugs." Fast forward to today, right now. On my bed is a sheet. Through this sheet, there is a MASSIVE tear. It started like any other tear, but now it is basically a tattered...wash cloth--but it's really really REALLLLAY soft so I love it to death and now it's dead so I love it more....But under the sheet is an extra mattress softener thing...and it's itchy to the M.A.X. So. Dilemma, super soft sheet, really itchy thingy underneath! Alas, methinks to myself "Pfft. Wouldn't that be so funny and gross if I had bed bugs!?!" And I started laughing stinking hard. And then I remembered my dear, sweet, lovely married friend and I had somber thoughts of her sad arms. . . but then I laughed and I'm still laughing. buahahah. I love my Mrs. Melodiah!

PS. If this photo isn't heinous enough, you should just see us in real life. Now, three years after that picture was taken, we've MORE than perfected the art of a super heinous photo. Awesome? I think yes.

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